Why not give up? And how to do it.


Today I want to talk about how important it is to bring it started to end, and what "pitfalls" may occur.

In every person's life there are moments when he started some business/ the realization of the dream, and achieving results takes time. This case could be anything from opening your business up to search the second half.

delayed effect of achieving the result — a natural process. The business plans takes into account this period and is called "achievement of break-even point". This means that the project has reached zero, no longer requires attachments and we went to the first income.

as with the implementation of important desires, first we identify them, define what they want. Think exactly how this can be obtained by searching the optimal path. And then solved for realization of this way. And deep down I hope that the result will not keep itself waiting. And it will be like a "confirmation" that the path chosen is right.

However, these hopes speaks to our inner fear and insecurity, not reason. Fear and doubt of starting something new, naturally. You do not have a pattern how to solve this problem in the best way. You are gaining experience. And it's perfect! It is in this period of life You meet new people in life, mastering previously unknown skills, taste and risk. Your brain creates a new neural network. You literally developing.

And if You now difficult, it just means that You go up the hill!

what's the trick? It is difficult to find a middle ground between "result yet, I in the beginning" and "a year has passed, we still have to wait, soon everything will work out."

monitor what actions give you what You need. Collect statistics, analyze. Try different approaches. You can not "put"on that one.

for Example, if You want to attract into your life a worthy partner (beloved), use multiple options. Let friends in search of second half. Sign up on a Dating site, try events speed Dating. And next, see which source gives more new people, with the right people. The same recommendation applies in business.

Now, suppose that you make an effort, tried a lot of things, but no result and no. Hurt, sad, want to give up, to stop trying and to conclude that "climbing the Everest".

Stop! Take a deep breath in and out, and a couple more. Remember why You did it all start? What was the original motivation? To realize the dream? To find something precious and dear to Your heart?

Specify that You will receive with a positive outcome in achieving the desired. Record in a prominent place — saver of the phone, the sticker on the laptop.

And while in this resourceful state of mind, make a plan for further action. Better date, detailed, clear. And act!

"If You want to have something you never had, do something you never did." — Richard Bach.

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