First, let's talk about the question of luck, as such. What do you mean lucky? I , for example, immediately POPs up a picture: Emelya from the fairy tale "By magic" going on the stove, i.e. oven it literally lucky, and he is himself only the pleasure gets.

As it can manifest in personal relationships? For example, he met two fell in love, married and lived in perfect harmony all his life, and even died in one day. A Paradise on Earth. You are no grindings, building boundaries, protecting their interests, solving conflicts and so on. even the trauma of loss about the death of one of the partners to live is not necessary: after all died in one day. Everything seems perfect, just so very sweet. Tried anyone a day or two just to eat some chocolates? I think that sooner or later will turn and want spicy or salty.

But seriously, in relationships, we often do not come absolutely Mature people. It is true that physical maturity and psychological - are two different things. Yes, we can somehow take care of myself, even have children, but... How often I hear from clients that my husband, for example, is unable to prepare their own Breakfast or iron a shirt. And the point here is not that everyone has to do everything himself, and that on any question adults people agree, but not present to each other claims. Same goes for women: some hysteria over the fact that they were created rather comfortable conditions for life, believing that the whole world owe them, and others believe that one must live for others, completely forgetting about yourself. The impression that boys and girls grow up, continue to believe that their life in the past parents said, and now this mission needs to take on partners. Then, under the luck you can call finding a to men women doing all the maternal functions, plus sex, and for women a meeting men - copy of his father. But is that possible? The mind says no, but feelings continue to want and to demand and get angry when you do not receive the full amount. Speaking of full. After all, we still manage to expect from a partner, not just everything that makes you a parent, but what parent is not doda. And if in the first case it is still possible, the second is unrealistic. No partner would have signed it if he about these expectations said bluntly. But these unmet childhood expectations: acceptance, attention, unconditional love, etc. we are not aware of, and live side by side with your partner and feel angry or offended that he or she is not guessed, not remembered, not bothered.

And then what luck to find a "comfortable" partner, while remaining immature (psychologically immature) personality, or find someone nearby with whom you can develop and learn to Express themselves and hear the other, to defend their interests and meet their needs, but to give place to another, respecting him and his feelings. But this way is not possible without any explanation and conflicts and disappointments, at least in the fact that the partner did not meet your expectations in some way. The only question is, to disappointed and mourn the unfulfilled illusion, to find another way to implement it, for example, to do something good and go with a partner for life or to find another, "more suitable".

in summary, I want to say that to be happy in a relationship is certainly possible. The main thing to realize that happiness means.

Novikova Victoria
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