"so many Golden Lights....and I love married"...

the oldest Story in the world...Throw a Shoe at me, who has not stepped on the same rake)...And that is because, and I do not avoid it. And adults aunt at work told me: "You are the winter cherry. He will never marry you"..."well, Well," I thought. "I am special, he loves me. I have everything will be different"... Horseradish butter.

the Man is action. And if within six months of the year, he decided to be with you to the "till death do us part", then SCORE! Cut, burn, run and the sooner you better. Just lose it and regret it "unfortunate", all Khan. And then begin - let's wait until the son grows up, until the legs rise to a family of "naked" don't leave. I can not just internally does not allow the nobility (and sleep with me and live for two families allowed)).

When I am your married guy announced that we should break up, that happened - I first time in my life saw a man crying, just crying:"don't leave me..." and I gave up. And this link I doomed myself for 5 years, occasionally making abortion (God forgive me)...he said He wants me to bore him a daughter. And when I announced that "flew" in his ears that something was done...Eh? And after all, horseradish radish is not sweeter, "If you loved me, you gave birth to", i.e. the decision and the responsibility was delegated to me. Right?)...

I will Not delve into the history, no longer hurts. And it all. The decision, in the end, I took, it was painful, not going to lie. I want to tell you, dear women, make no mistake, Dating a married man. And the question is not even in the moral side of the issue, the years go and,as a rule, the best years...

the REASON that such relations are the place to be, on the part of men is obvious - the diversity of everyday life and elementary , energy. Wife, think about if your life had a "homewrecker", then in the family that something is wrong and will tell you that any psychologist. And that's why women go to such relationships?

1. Pride - I am better than she is.

2. All ready, no need to work on relationships.

3. The victim's condition is that he loves me, but now is just to leave the family can't...

And that's just what I've found after many years working on themselves and their attitude to the opposite sex. Where "the dog rummaged" we need to understand specifically in each case, why? a woman walks in such relationships.

Cute girl, women, forgive my rudeness, mind you - a married man - a dead man. It is different for you?) Exceptions prove the rule.

Why would rake was not taught, but the heart believes in miracles)...the Choice is yours...

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