man that's sick. What logic dictates? You need to go to the doctor, he will diagnose and prescribe treatment. What many people do in reality? Open a search engine and typed: "Stabs your left side a symptom of some diseases". br>
Here is the Internet gives a bunch of options, from disorders of the nervous system to of diabetes and the worst - cancer. A frightened mind grabs the terrible diagnosis and already paints a horrible picture. The pain in his side increases (from fear, of course!) Confidence in a terrible outcome is growing, anxiety is amplified to the maximum limits. There are added also headaches, for example. From nervous tension. "Oh, metastases in the brain." Panic. br>
And blame - rich imagination.
If not read this article online, then tingling in my side, caused by a poorly eaten meal and an uncomfortable posture, it would be forgotten the next day. br>
Reveal a terrible secret. These articles do not write doctors. They are written by copywriters! Sometimes it does not know anything about medicine people and even schoolchildren. Most of them are students. The material for these articles comes from other such articles (in the best case from the directory).

how do I know all this? I wrote these articles for the money for a while. This written content in order - it is necessary something to fill the site where they will advertise. What is the website more popular, the more it brings money to the owner, or better sells some products. The quality of these articles is usually me paying for them a little, so for the money nobody is trying. If only there was something in decent volume and not hurt my eyes. The text is still usually fit the so-called key words, for example, "buy Oscillococcinum in the suburbs". Why it is getting worse and autobavaria. br>
of Course, the customer of these texts want their doctors wrote. But doctors have better things to do, for example, to treat patients. Really doctors among copywriters is very small. That is why the choice between an article online or a doctor need to do in favor of the doctor. Even the most worthless doctor understands medicine better than a good copywriter.

I have been on both sides, and as a consumer of such articles and their author - only later, when engaged in copyright. In my own experience when faced with hypochondria and panic attacks, know very well how it all happens. I really hope that after my article, people will become more critical to receive the information from the Internet, especially on such an important topic as health.

Hope Kozochkina
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