Why people go to therapy, but in reality nothing changes


I Decided to write a note to the question why some people who go for years on therapy do not change anything in my life.

In the process, the important point is the insight, inspiration, understanding something about yourself, what you haven't seen or knew before.

But be aware of your behavior and causes in the past, does not mean to change it in the future.

Reflection is not a new experience.

insight is only a spark, but will the insight part of the personality depends on how often you remind yourself about that and try to change themselves in real life.

Often people in the sessions or after them are aware of something about yourself and it gives the illusion that life is going to change by itself, only with awareness. This will not happen. Analysis is certainly important, but the realization is in the mind, it is very fast. And life is physics, inertia, and need to burn a lot of firewood to repeat and reinforce new actions to change yourself.

Even if the insight was assigned to a new experience in the process of working with a therapist that is not enough to become a stable new behavior in life and brought welcome changes. And how often it will be to fix, is the responsibility of the customer. For him no one else will do nothing.

And therein lies the trap of therapy. When clients walk for a long time to come back again to the same understanding about myself in the sessions, but not to reproduce it in life. Because there is a behavioral aspect that nobody other than the client to secure can't. And it can be a point of powerlessness of the therapist. Because the behavior at the door of the Cabinet lies entirely on the client. No matter how much he himself understands, if he does nothing about it. To know and to be is not the same thing. So in theory everything is much more wise and intelligent than in practice.

In this way, customers similar to their therapists, those just can be full of awareness, but not always act on them. They're the same customers, and they likewise have the responsibility for your life behind the doors of the office of his therapist. And they don't always have the strength to build a new experience.

there was a time when I actually understood everything about my procrastination, but nothing did, although the reasons were dismantled the bones to molecules. It was cool to understand everything, but do not do anything. And just when I began to act differently, everything changed.

you Can disassemble your addiction and codependency to past lives, but if we do nothing, in reality, there will be a hole and the next dozens of sessions on the theme "why are relations so bad."

Examples are many, are one. To introduce and implement. Without action the result would not be. But only a discharge of energy and the illusion of movement.

Maria Gigue
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