Today, more and more often I have to deal with the question touching that young people cannot find their half, and when they find, a lot of them can't survive a year.

Clients come to me with a question why me, what did I do wrong, why can't I find my second half. And these customers becomes more and more. And no matter where they live in small towns or large cities. In which countries and with which culture. Today everything is mixed up, but the question we all have one and the same why I do. And often want to say, and maybe it's time to forget about Me, and think, what's wrong with me, look around.

I had a client in her beauty and the financial position of the mind. All respected her, listened, but personal life as well, or not worked, she didn't understand why. And as soon as she understood the reason and wanted to fix something in yourself then immediately get the result. Her long liked her head which had a wonderful relationship and even started, something to tie to, but something prevented to do the first step and at one point she became seriously ill and could no longer operate in the same mode in which he worked previously, and allowed himself to become a woman, and her man did everything to recover quickly put maximum effort and care. And when she recovered she no longer ran with a sword in halo, she's strong and will do everything herself, she allowed another man to care and make decisions in her life, and she became a woman. We talked a lot on Skype, because of illness she couldn't come on personal reception, but didn't want to end the consultation that helped her to remember yourself, your true purpose

In segodnyashnem century, all mixed up, women become men,ready to take on the guise of phrase, if not me then who, but of course if you do, you'll always drag myself, but if you start to understand where imennno broke then life will thank and turn to face you.

Another very young couple asked for help, as always happens after living together for 3 years, the romance is gone and the girl started to complain that I do not want to live and it is easier to divorce than to build relationships and to understand where it all began, why there was a gap. She began to look for a relationship on the side and of course as it often happens, at the beginning of the other relationships seem much more romantic and more beautiful than bored life. But they decided to make the effort and went to a psychologist.

As it turned out, the conflict began not long ago, the guy seeing that all is well wife do not complain, just a little relaxed, and the girl just some time expected that her husband just needs time to find himself and yet was dragged the entire way of life and family, but as it happens everyone at one point her strength gave up and she just wanted to leave. But I had to talk to someone, we forget that we need to talk to each other very often, half of us can't hear, but there is another side, we don't do anything that they heard us.

So as soon as they began to quietly listen to each other, they returned again, and love and understanding and after some time kids were born. A happy ending in all the stories,if you like the people themselves.

Regret and blame others is easy but to start, something to make it complicated....

Hamel Svetlana
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