Why scared to decide on a psychotherapy?


Why it is terrible to decide on a psychotherapy? br>
You first signed up to the therapist. This step was given to you daunting. The hardest part was to admit to myself that, well, not freak you.
Here you are at the consultation, disclosed and disclosed and closer to a very bad line. Dumb, because the therapist knows about her strannosti, and you're dimly aware - what he somehow tends? br>
To the fact that the relationship has long outlived its usefulness. Died. And you learned from childhood that being here is such a miserable - it's all fine. Because all people suffer one way or another, being in a relationship. There's someone worse lives. And marriage is for life. That is your whole life is wrong. br>
In a conversation with a therapist you know that he's preparing to say something, and it seems to be something not very pleasant. Answer the questions of the therapist and kind of just say out loud that turned into terpelivo, you want to be a feature for someone and I want to be alive, you have long been not pleased with what is going on with you, or still bearable?! br>
so you Sit and understand that everything that you say - you already know. I know for many years, but still all trying to convince you that you have a family. And let you don't spend time together like before, he doesn't care about your interests and let you for a long time already do not build the overall global plans and sex is not the same...

you feel You don't love him. You know it. br>
And then the most terrible thing to experience emotions associated with what you do so choose. I know, I know, but so don't want to face the reality of the lack of love in your life, it is better to let it be. Yes, figovenko, but familiar, familiar and no accidents of breakups, fights, cool change. br>
At this point, the therapist helps to recognize that changing really scary, stability is really important to you. There is nothing wrong with being scared.
And you type three billion on the planet.
what else you need security, don't want to cause another suffering, to experience pain. This does not want so that you're ready to close your eyes to the truth, hoping that somehow everything will change. br>
Further goes the analysis of fears "the bones" that you dealt with them. About this in future posts.

Guzal Motorina
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