the Question "What's he done?" often requires a response, it's there and not needed.

think I had recently an interesting conversation that began with the phrase "Well, why are so many tattoos to do."
Tattoo here can be replaced by a piercing/hair color/clothes/anything in appearance.

But here's the thing, if you have in mind arise these thoughts, I have some bad news.
And the more they appear, the more hits the bell.


the man who made his appearance was not like everyone can be a lot of reasons for this.
But this is only its cause.
if he Wants to stand out.
if he Closes a tattoo scars.
if he Liked bright colors.

Or so he rose from his and only his problem.
it Just feels comfortable that way.

whatever reason - his personal. Only his.

When you last time on the street ran up the man with the piercings and offered to pierce an eyebrow? Or maybe recruited to go to a tattoo parlor?
Never? So, it's definitely any side does not concern you.

So just trace your reactions several times.

When you catch yourself thinking "Ugh, what a horror" or "Well, you can look," stop and take a deep breath. Then exhale. And again inhale-exhale.

Ask yourself:
🔵Why am I so hurt?
🔵Why I can't pass this man by without comment?
🔵What gives me that idea?
🔵What good I get from it?
🔵Why react that way? That prevents to endorse or ignore?

you, too, can be their reasons for such reactions.
not Only on the surface. It is a little or dig deep enough and are ready.

But there is a huge plus - you can afford to help.
You can pull into the light that makes you Huff.
Unable to work and clean up.

It is unpleasant. May hurt you. Scary.
once inside and expands - it only gets worse.

And if you read and think "Yeah I never do that!" don't hurry.
Also watch yourself. Look how you react, what comments go.

Start small. Okay?

This is also the area of your growth.

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