Building relationships is never easy, but especially sharply this question rises, when it comes to age, but rather about the relationships that are created on the basis of past experience.

There is a certain type of women who in their words, seek to create a new family, but somehow it at them over and over again does not work. Typically, these women already have enough financial well-being, established way of life, a circle of acquaintances and quite attractive. However with all the undeniable merits, they remain without a partner.

Women of this type very often put a very high bar in the requirements for man. Moreover, these requirements are very often not based on personal preferences and genuine needs, and on understanding how its choice will be to perceive women men too. The man in this situation must be worthy not even for herself, but for her inner circle. Even if the man provided is not a key factor. This, in my opinion, is the beginning of the internal conflict these women.

When in a woman's life, a man appears, it inevitably entails a variety of changes that may not always coincide with the already existing habits. A man carries something new, but it is often the most frightening woman. The fact that to give up anything for women is very problematic. And when it comes to lifestyle and circle of friends, and all that should leave in the past and not to drag with itself in a new relationship, the part of the women begins to play "I put the condition" /if you do so, then I can and still so, and if not, then it is not necessary/. can Continue to be variations, but the rules as nothing good is not over, just a matter of time.

By and large, the relationship is about the ability to negotiate and to go on mutual concessions and give up something.

And the next time a relationship ends before it has begun, the woman justifies himself and his behavior than anything. In fact, it justifies your fear. And afraid a woman is new, there will have to change a lot and myself included.

most of the women insist that a decision about development of relations accepted by a man. /Well, you're a man!/ At the same time or subsequently immediately start looking for the catch because it is his decision, for them not really suitable. An internal conflict develops. Realizing that she may have to abandon some of their past achievements and in respect of former men/calls, random encounters, the woman of this type makes a choice not to change anything. Even if the man she very much like it, in most cases, a woman can not refuse from the usual state of Affairs.

a New relationship is always unknown, it is scary, but staying put and telling yourself that life is beautiful, one can hardly expect real happiness. To know the taste of an Apple, you have to try.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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