Why someone earns more? About the thinking.


Last time I looked through a lot of critiques from BM. And I realized a very simple thing. I knew it before, but now can see clearly. It's about how life depends on thinking! It is amazing how quickly it has become clear! As we ogranichivat your vision-the perception of how we love our beliefs, narrow thinking what we are hard-nosed and how much value their neuroses. I realized this and now so clearly distinguish in the text of the conversation. Yet more side – that is, to other people. Yourself more difficult to trace.

In connection with the study of the topic of income, I want to share a parable that was told to me by my grandfather (father's father) when I was 10 years old.

the PARABLE of the TWO IVANOV (about why one Ivan was making more money than the other)

there was one master, two servants of Ivan. And once one Ivan approaches the master and asks:

- Sir, why are you paying me less than the second Ivan, because we do one work, to equal you serve?

To which the gentleman answered him:

- If you want to understand it here's what you do. Look here at the village on the road obyezzhy wagon rides. Go and find out what wagon.

the First Ivan obeyed and ran to find out. Returns back and tells his master:

- This, sir, merchants are going, Sol driven to the market to sell

- Okay, okay. Go and find out how much salt

I Went first Ivan found out the cost. Returned and the master for his next task. Begged Ivan and says:

- sir, I'm so tired! The wagon so far I fish over there a few times and back run to your errands run. Answer my question already please.

- then, Ivan look no further.

And called the master of the second Ivan

Hey, John, look over there behind the village wagon rides. Go find out what a wagon.

And the wagon however is already far gone. Long I had to wait a second Ivan. And here you see the Master with the first Ivan as the wagon goes straight to them, and it sits on the second Ivan and says:

Is the master, the salt merchants to sell to the market driven. And we have just salt ends up in the barns. Anyway, the year will need to be purchased. I have agreed that we can for half the market price of their goods to buy. And they on the market all day will not need to sit and we for a year at a minimum cost and with dostavkoy farm salt will provide a year.

Stupefied, the first Ivan and nothing else the master did not ask.

tired Toli toli all understood the parable is silent.

And the moral of the story is that bad head to the feet rest does not. Bad head do not give to live!

Zinchenko (Kotenko) Maria Vladimirovna
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