I Noticed such a thing for a long time that stories of success (and was in full...not in gold) often do not work.

moreover, they can irritate people.

Even this is both tragic and life-affirming book is Victor Frankl's "Say Yes to life, sometimes, is perceived by a person sufficiently depressed with the guilt ("That's how people suffered and did not break, I Have the same - garbage, nonsense, and I limp", "the Man could in those conditions, I – no, loser").

Why is this happening? (I'm talking about success stories, not about Frankl)

- the Story of each person is different and what works for one not for another;
- Now these stories are very aggressive presented: "look, what is done, not what you" like tracing paper, you want to copy;
- All broadcast philosophy: "Stay away from whiners", "Can't complain", "Only successful people have the right to...";
- people Often tell us only what is beneficial to tell many important things that helped them, but says nothing.

But the experience of others to learn, I believe you need to analyze it, learn from it and see what I can take for myself.

And we should analyse not only successful experience, but unsuccessful.

so I wrote a note, "Mexican vacation" ( ), as decided for themselves to participate in the world championship, so I also remained in the memories of the feeling of this holiday.

frankly, from birth are a shy person. And in childhood often themselves abused that they are not superabile, combat girl. In six years I demanded to be called a boy. Then watched a film about daring a little girl from Georgia Manana and begged everyone to call themselves Mamani. Could not accept his individuality.

But now I'm a psychologist and getting your personality to take. And I agree with the recent article here Irina Rebrushing: its limitations need to understand and accept.

And anyone who has trouble communicating, and read the note as I built relationships with people to achieve their goals, can analyze what I was doing, and decide yeah, I can, but - no, but you can. Can – here.

of Course, there are those who say, "What garbage, that kind of nonsense to be afraid to approach people and ask to take a picture". Dear friends, the article is then clearly not for You. You've done a job and a ticket to the success you have in your pocket!)))

Article for those who have difficulty in communicating!

so, what methods and techniques I used:

  • Reacted and included interest on the reverse side (as it was with the guy that was photographed first);
  • I Responded to the emotions of others (when Mexicans were given five, all responded, shouting in response to their cry, chanted along with them, she refused to be photographed);
  • we Used the method of "sit down". Was photographed near begging, began to talk to them; (as the woman is Natasha, a drunk Russian fan);
  • Voiced his desires to anyone who can help to implement. (Told Natasha about what you want to be photographed in a sombrero).
  • Spoke at a convenient time with people. So he met the second day with the Light when going to the stadium, and the hostess Susanna. Talked a bit before that with the other two women. If suddenly people won't communicate or is reluctant to leave him alone. Remember, as the song from Leopold:

I go and sing about all good, And I give my smile to passers-by, If you feel strange don't find the answer - the Trouble that we will survive! By the way, we will survive!

After all, if man is not to communicate, that doesn't mean it's in You!

So, dear friends, all the stories are study to your experience, not for his self-flagellation.

good Luck!

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