What is creativity?

Quite often, the term creation translate literally as "creative". However, the term "tvorcheskoi" in the Russian language simply does not exist, and we are replacing it with the term "creativity" (creativity), implying the presence of a personality's creative abilities. However, it is not so. Creativity is in the first place. Activities aimed at the creation of new or the destruction of the old. Its specificity consists in the fact that this activity is performed for the sake of the process. And the result is just a by-product. The artist paints not because he wants the result to be famous and profitable to sell the painting, but because I enjoy the process. How would say Chekhov, and Chekhov may not, and may not be used to say... "you Can not write — do not write better". Creativity, in turn, is the application of unconventional methods and strategies of solving the problem. solution of the problem is primary and the unconventional thinking — are secondary, and serve to achieve the goals. Thus, a more correct translation of the word "creativity" in Russian language, there are words like "inventiveness" or "ingenuity".

is it Possible to develop creativity?

to Answer this question easy enough to return to the previous paragraph and read the definition of this term. Again creativity is the original approach to the solution of problems, means to develop this quality you can, if you break down some of the stereotypes and thinking patterns.

Why develop creativity?

the Answer lies on the surface. It is obvious that resourcefulness and ingenuity are the qualities that make us more successful and effective in work. It is much nicer to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, applying to the solution of problems witty approach than to sweat over the decision for hours, relying solely on the efforts of will and performance.

Why the training of creativity are not always effective?

Training creativity there are so many. Most of them do you get the required skills and really learn how to apply creative strategies to problem solving. Subsequently why people so rarely used in the activities of these acquired skills? In answering this question, I remember a popular joke:

- Why camel wool is not eating?

do Not want.

Indeed, any answer to the question "why we do something or not do?", ascend to such a concept as motivation. Trainings of creativity is usually to supply the audience with sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities, but do not supply sufficient motivation to apply these Kas in their daily lives.

That promise us training of creativity? The list is quite attractive:

You can learn how to manage your inner state of the Creator and the whole process of your activities. Because of this you will feel the immediate effect of the training in your daily work and will see how will do things, and your projects will gain unique features and will benefit.

this course will identify your unproductive links that reduce the quality of your work and impact on the loss of time. You will understand how to fight laziness and procrastination, and stop to postpone for tomorrow what could get done today. You will learn how to launch the inspiration in the moment that will have a positive impact on your personal effectiveness".

in Other words, training of creativity promises to lead you to success. Welcome this the goal? At the level of consciousness the answer is obvious! Who doesn't want to be successful? But not all have this desire lies in bessoznatelnogo. As strange not seem this statement at first glance. In the unconscious there is no direct connection between the concepts of "success" and "happiness", because this connection does not exist in reality. Namely, the experience of happiness is a global motivational resource which is subject to any human activity. Never led to happiness success in itself, as such. Success cannot be a goal. It's either result activities aimed at some other purpose, or tool to implement any other life values and meanings. By itself, success has no value in itself. Indeed, if you think about it, who needs to be productive and effective? Most likely, only our employer, or other people who use or would like to use our resources. And we ourselves just want to be lazy and porocarcinoma. What we do, putting the received at the training of creativity Kas indefinitely.

What is the training of creativity will be effective?

the Answer again stems from the foregoing. Effective training, which aims not only to develop our creativity, but also able to generate and maintain the motivation to apply in our activities this very creativity in Simple words, in our consciousness and the unconscious, creativity should lead us to happiness and pleasure, and not to success. That is, should be formed a strong bond, between the obtained skill and internal motivation. And the success, as it should be merely a consequence, a side effect of activities that is fun.

How to form a correct motive?

this question follows from the previous paragraph. For this it is necessary to agree on the terms and to define what "happiness".

- Really define it? remember the exclamation of the hero of the film "Live till Monday".

of Course not. We only let one of interest to us. Happiness — is when the category of "want", "can" and "should" coincide. This condition is not sufficient, it is necessary. It is difficult to fully feel happy if you have a job to do, which is not with

the ability to run or care about the people that don't want to take care of. How in such cases do? You can certainly backtrack on their commitments and do only what they want, one problem, it can lead to new problems, such as social maladjustment. In this case, it is possible to abandon the idea to live your life happily and begin to be guided by the motto "do what you must and come what may". . And it is possible to show resourcefulness and ingenuity to lead all three categories to a common denominator. It is this kind of creativity can do a real service for us. And not become just simply a bridge to business success, which is generally not very clear what he needed.

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