Why is the training not working?
coaches sell their mental qualities wrapped in a nice wrapper technologies(knowledge). But if these qualities are not, there will be no result. Will give this analogy: if you don't have the printing press, knowing the production technology of money, the desire to print them will remain just a beautiful fantasy. In other words and in Russian: "do not feed a horse".
Baron Karl von Gustavovich Yung allocated 4 functions of consciousness: thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. The weakest feature is subordinate and there is a "window into the collective unconscious". Experience it is not integrated.
Went to my grader to practice math. She extravertive type of feelings, therefore its logic is dichotomous feelings is the most notorious "window" and then "black hole". So after she left the second year after the first quarter the 6th grade, she had all the knowledge flew according to the "ladder of growth" until the third grade (who knows, two degrees down: third base class to fifth, fifth to sixth. If knowledge of fifth grade do not allow to study in the sixth, they just depreciate(inflation), respectively, after transfer to the fifth grade, she refused to fix a problem that does not correspond to the textbook of the third class. Here is the "sudden stupefaction".
each person it can be any of the four above "Jungian" functions. So it makes sense to go to training - just to pump up their base, but the requests by addressing the "pain points" in the collective work is, alas, fruitless . Anyway all the advice of those people who possess it in full, will be enough for You stupid and repulsive.
no Wonder Yung called his therapy "analytical", and Adler and all "individual".
It is a long and painstaking work on themselves and psychologist together with You. At least you can figure out your "blind spots", and helps the two above-mentioned method. It does not guarantee quick results for one-dimensional inferior function, because the unconscious works in the highest degree paradoxical. However, it is fraught with discoveries, wrote our Alexander:

Oh, how wonderful discoveries we
Prepare the spirit of enlightenment,
And experience the son of errors difficult,
And the genius, paradoxes the friend...

And the Baron von Yung (don't know if handing out to the children of priests of noble rank) - a genius one. And often without his concepts well, just nowhere.

that's all, my dear.

Ilya Novikov
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