In the previous article we were talking about the "male Edge" that make the running in a circle from woman to woman.
In this article I want to talk about the women who are most likely in captivity of such a relationship, and sometimes provoke them.
Men say: "Yes, I was wrong. But women of my behavior are quite satisfied." This statement is quite true, even more – some men once hoped for a serious relationship, but something went wrong. But what?

Perhaps they met with a special type of women who want to have intimacy, sex, touch, and at the same time keep a distance.

How is it manifested? You are a man and you like a woman. You care for her, and it seems a little bit more and it's Yours! You make her an offer, but in response to unexpectedly get rejected. How so? There were no signs of a bummer!

In its generic or biographical program sewn script that says that intimacy is dangerous and can lead to loss of life. One common occurrence of this type of scenario, the hard labor, when the little girl, dropping out of a warm cozy maternity bed, experiencing pain, suffocation, clinical death. In some cases, unforeseen pain or fear imprinted in a later age. Such a woman subsequently behaves like a Prude. She craves the touch, but unconsciously trying to pull away. It also happens that fear is strong feelings manifested as a feature of human nature, without any reasons. In any case, the fact remains – man avoids intimate contact, it may be peculiar to women and men.

a Woman playing hard to get, as well as man-Runner in need of psychological support to resolve painful situations infancy, it's hard individual work, but the General recommendations women Girls next.

1. If life aside from men not is Your choice, go to meet real strong feelings, no matter how difficult, overcome distance. Not afraid. Not run. Not hide.
2. Choose for a relationship a loving man who understands, who has the desire and the ability to link You to your destiny. To keep the distance, Your unconscious "I" chooses a man is unavailable, indifferent, or virtual runner.Do you think that motivates You hope to build a relationship with this man, really? "Why would rake was not taught, and the heart believes in miracles?"

I assure You, Your heart knows that it's not serious! But it saves "vital distance" from the adverse scenario of life. To bring into your life love and intimacy, need to do the opposite: to build relationships with a free a real man, ready to serious relations. Even if everything inside says it's dangerous - "Through I can not"!
3. This real man tell me about your painful feelings and experiences, not expecting him to guess himself.

How to stop walking on the rake?  Very simply. Be aware of what You're doing and work on changing the script of his life. Look for those who you can trust. Once the world was cruel, but it is in the past. Now there is no cause for concern!

a few words for men who met a woman hard to get.

1. The failure of women-Impatiens likely means "Not now" and "wrong" than a hard "No." Patience and calm. Not looking for a reason for her behavior. Most likely, You're not to blame. Be wise and do not rush things.
2. Be gentle and helpful. If the kitten is afraid of You, what are You doing? You understand that it is useless to lash out and squeeze the frightened creature. It needs to be fed and stroked! Gradually the woman will get used to You and stop running away.
3. Finally, if it is after a long time You did not listen and continued to keep a distance in different ways: predominantly virtual communication, rare no promises meetings, "sex without commitment", the presence of another man nearby - don't waste your time, maybe You're just not the guy for her.
Learn to open up, show love first! One life and live it in the sink of their own limits does not make sense.
I wish You Happiness, understanding and love!
Semigina Olga
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