Why you are attracted to only those men who are hurting you


1. As a child you experienced a bad attitude or even physical abuse against your father

so you still have a child privykli to what is dear to you people can be cruel and to hurt you. So now you subconsciously choose men who will treat you the same as it once did to your father. And even though you suffer from this, but this pattern of behaviour is already habitual for you, and even, as it is now wildly did not sound, comfortable. After all, you already know how to behave in such a situation is to be a "victim".

So first of all, you need to forgive and let go of all his resentment on himself and his father to get rid of toxic for you as a "victim" and to leave their "comfort zone", and most importantly believe you deserve full of love and respect relationship with the beloved man.

2. You just "hungry" for love and a real relationship

simply put, you have so much want to meet the "love of his life", I see it in almost every man that a little bit has shown you his attention and sympathy. And then you start to think, "here it is, finally!" and then you will not stop. Your imagination imagination starts to work to the fullest, painting something, your chosen one all the features that you would like to see in your favorite man and you does not confuse, what all these features there is not even smell. Well, of course, that after this man not and, frankly, not very much and wants to meet all of your expectations and dreams of "Prince charming" and walks away from you, you again end up with a broken heart and failed hopes .

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So stop looking at all men that you are interested in "hungry and desperate" look. Because then they can just use you, and then you again will "lick their wounds". And I always see it on the actions of a man who you liked and not in a hurry to move on to the next steps in the relationship. Give yourself a little time to figure out whether this man is serious or just wants a good time.

3. In fact, you are afraid of a serious relationship and you get hurt

So you subconsciously choose men who are already taken or married, who are irresponsible and also not ready for something serious or you will probably select, for example, long-distance relationships than those of you living in the same city or even the country and can often be seen. All that you do because most likely, you already have your heart broken and being hurt in previous relationships. And now you appear to be defending against a possible new pain choose men who simply will not be able to be with you, and when that happens, close even more, because you cheated again and you are once again convinced that "all men are bast ..."

In this case, to break this vicious circle, you need first of all to understand themselves, to understand and to let go of all your fears, to believe in something what are good and reliable men still exist and one of them you will meet in the near future. I know how it can be scary to trust someone and open your heart, especially if you've been betrayed. But understand that the only way you will be able to meet and fully experience the real love, which has so dovno waiting for you.

4. You like bad boys

You are always attracted this type of men. They seemed to be such a courageous, strong and daring. And most importantly, what most of all they liked - it's that sense of unpredictability, mystery and adrenaline that you felt in the relationship with the "alpha male". But as you know, such men then, and "bad boys" that can hurt you and break your heart. It is only in the movie he is so cool and bad, and you at once becomes "white and fluffy". But no, it does not happen.

So give have finally the chance to win your heart to some really nice guy who may not be all "mysterious and dangerous" and his actions will be more predictable, but it will be reliable and sincere in their feelings. Did you not really exactly what you need to finally feel happy and loved ..?

5. You are attracted to men you hope to change

Is just a straight road to your broken dreams and hopes. After all, you can't force someone to change, it can be done, if really, of course, sincerely wish only the man himself. Cease to hope for all these changes and really look at things and assess the situation in which you now are - if your man just the way he is now, are you ready to be with him and further, if we discard all hope that he will change?

If Yes, then congratulations - you have found each other, and if not, then stop torturing yourself and him. Let go of each other and give you the chance to meet those people whom you accept with all their "pros" and "cons" and even in the head does not come something in them to change. Because then it will not be the same person you once so sincerely loved.

6. You always pay more attention to attractive appearance than any inner qualities of a person

Men who are too proud and care about their appearance can often be narcissists and egoists. And from these people you will never get warmth and love - they just don't know how to give them.

Therefore, look beyond a person's appearance. Let's take a chance not even the most attractive men. You might be surprised just how beautiful they are inside.

take care of yourself and your heart, good luck to you!

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