Why you do not need to cope with the crisis?


How can inspire anxiety and why the crisis is good?
to Live life, never faced with a crisis, it is impossible. But most importantly the desire that arises in a crisis is to avoid it altogether. The crisis is always accompanied by pain, fear, panic attacks. It seems that life is flying there.

What do you do?

You either start reading books on how to deal with it or start looking for a therapist who will tell us exactly what to do to have it passed.

no One wants to suffer from the crisis.

But when there is some exciting event that you have surplus vitality. This vitality, which you need to get used to. Your mind, for example, used to process 200 units of this vitality, and now it's 500. Occurs tube.

you are doing almost suicidal trying to destroy this vitality. Because your development, quality of life and movement to happiness is your "fuel" and necessary. Moreover:

These 300 units of vitality is your life.

The worst part is that we're trying to do with the crisis – to fight it. What you need to do is just learn to deal with a surplus of vital energy.

Vitality is the material for the construction of either happiness, or misfortune.

It is possible to spend on the process of your evolution and transformation, or on any symptom, like a sprain, constant conflicts with family and depression. With the symptom you may well cope on their own. There is always a concept that will be happy to place your crisis energy in pain.

But to build happiness, and transformation you need someone else. Is the one who helps you not miss 200 units and 500. This helps someone to cope with the crisis and overcome it.

The best someone is a psychotherapist. But that's not the only person who possesses sacred knowledge, how to survive a surplus of vital energy. This may be the closest person with a good heart that will selflessly save you from the crisis.

Not to save them from crisis, not to learn to live is the task of someone.

Talking to that person, you begin to talk to him personally. It's called public.

Presence in our lives is a luxury.

We are accustomed to contact with people functional – level events, requests, promises and spend time together. But to be in contact – a very different thing.

to be Present – it is expensive, but necessary in the crisis.

If not contain the amount of vitality, instead of the anxiety we feel joy, warmth, and sometimes fear. Only then can we spend this energy on our development. The only way to begin to notice the crisis, those desires that you had not noticed before.

If you are going to cope with the crisis, you never these new desires will not notice.

You can find some new values and to note that those people who were around you, you begin to move away, and those who were far away or they never existed in your life – getting closer.

Transformation of social relations in the crisis is inevitable.

Because you begin to ask yourself questions – do I want? You may change the profession, change the way with her, free creative resources. If you are going to deal with the crisis, that you do not Shine, but the experience of the crisis can easily become the inspiration to become a creative breakthrough.

You will find that they are able to love anew.

a month Later, six months later, after the crisis you will look back and ask – have I changed?

the Crisis always changes. The crisis is the only way in our lives who can help us to change.

People don't change, when everything is stable, clear and easy.

If you are in crisis, look around and look for the person you would like to talk privately about what is happening to you. If such a person, it makes sense to turn to a psychologist to have this surplus of vitality is not destroyed you, and resulted in creative potential.

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Pogodin Igor
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