Why you do not need to destroy the illusion


it is Very bad when we reject what you believe in, but even worse when the ideas in which we believed my entire life to be about."

( Richard Bach "Bridge across forever")

it so Happens that people suddenly trying to get us out of illusions, in this case, imposing the real perception of the world. Driving under standards.

"Blow your dreams", "love yourself", "just married", "Realize their need" - the headlines are full.

And maybe it's really someone who needs it.

But why is this so aggressively enforced?

And if the illusion exists in the human psyche, in my head, can it have any meaning?

Maybe by default, the Creator has made me certain abilities that are necessary for the realization of the destination, and this is one of them, and at the moment, she is important?

Maybe my headline is the opposite: "Do dream!", "I am Love", "to Marry is not an attack...""Love is not a need".

Here, for example, think out the woman man. So what? Is that not allowed?

We all, by and large, think up each other. And play different roles.

Or, the single mother fell in love with a nonexistent character. Is she happy?

Well, fine! Her life has been a lot of reality. And now an intermission!

Let it be a fantasy maybe she's not ready for a relationship right now, but love in a lot, and this myth is the salvation, otherwise it will strangle the baby with his boundless, all-encompassing element.

Or is it a kind of capoterapia, after she left pregnant?

maybe it produces attunement with the higher worlds?

Knights in long hikes kept in her heart the image of the Beautiful Ladies, poets were looking for the elusive silhouette of a Muse...

Humanity is constantly looking for confirmation of the existence of the Supreme mind...

But no Love, no there is no God outside of us! So, we are partly creating this world.

Who gave us the right of condemnation to say about love of another person and contrast it with his model of the relations between a man and a woman?

And that, in fact, is an illusion?

Klimovich Inga
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