Why you should not deal alone with the problems


I Often see how in the circumstances the person is trying to understand himself.
Despite the fact that psychology is now a popular myths around it and psychologists are many. Besides the emotional pain, many people prefer not to notice or to understand yourself. And it turns out that instead of relief and a quick tightening of the wounds, the pain was being pushed into and becomes chronic, and periodically makes itself felt.

In my opinion, many people overlook that the physical and psychological trauma in a similar way. And it can be compared, for example, with a broken leg. That's when leg is broken - there is unbearable pain. All immediately run to heal her. But the psychological damage is harder, but also less feel.
Although the path to healing is very similar.

As I see it:
Broken leg
1. Admit it. You can, of course, to ignore this fact, but the consequences you know. This, at least, painful. And admit you don'T KNOW what to do with it (if you're not a trauma surgeon with experience)
2. Turn for help to specialists. Not self-medicate. Tips from the "anoint green paint, helped me" from even the most favorite people is the way to complications. Even if you 5 times broke a leg and you know the whole process, you know perfectly well that without an x-ray and plaster anywhere. And if you don't have superpowers with x-ray vision, go to the traumatologist.
3. Walk with a crutch and stick to the advice of experts. Yes, this is exactly the time when you need support. When others know better. Even if it has 6 change - it is still another! (by the way, ask the question, why do you have so many fractures it was before and how to avoid it). Ignoring basic advice from experts leads to a longer process of healing. Follow the instructions, but keep a head on your shoulders. If you're some kind of shaman says, "Drop the crutch and go for it", think first, and ready your foot to the challenges here so soon. He said something, but the leg is yours, the offset will eventually get you too.
4. Learn to walk again. When the bone is already healed and there is no threat - take away the crutch and learn to walk. Perhaps you have already got used to walk with a crutch, because you always give place, to care for you, care, condescending attitude towards failure. It is very convenient. And this attention can get hooked. And stay in the "victim" for a long time. There are certainly those who would maintain this condition and to shush the others who force you to do something. Gradually take away the crutch and find their own ways.
5. Training. When some time, the foot was motionless, the muscles have weakened. And walking again has to learn. Leg feels different. There is a fear that will not work. But without the development of muscle and actually get a new skill, so nothing will come of it. Yes, the first time will be scary and painful, there will be failures. But little kids that don't stop at all. They fall and stand up again. And if there are compassionate mothers, which instead of encouraging independence at all times maintain an arm, the baby learns to go much faster. Stop train - will remain at the same level or even slide down. But do it gradually.
6. Look for new ways of walking. And this is the point where someone else's vision very uncomfortable. You can get instructions on how to put the foot to bear weight. But through experience it really is learned. And having only one concept of a walk, you'll never learn to run. Or to swim. Don't listen to those who tells you in detail what to do is THEIR path to success. You may not be suitable. Listen to those who gives the basics and draws your attention to your own feelings
7. Look for a mentor. To learn such a simple skill like walking at a low level. But if you want to go faster, further and without getting tired, if you want to succeed in this - look for Teachers and mentors. They won't do your job for you, but will help in moments of despair, will guide and give tips. And combined with your experience this will give you your individual result. So be successful.

*Item with an asterisk. To understand, what the hell are you even suffered through a dark alley towards the open hatches, falling into you and broke my leg. But it's advanced.

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