Let's go from the back?

"And why, exactly, is watching?" - asking this question to their friends, I identified a number of reasons, which are somehow related to either the self-assertion at the expense of others (the desire to see that now everything is bad, he suffers by you so I found a brand new very similar, but absurd, the desire to catch the hint that he misses/remorseful/wants to return, exposing instagram photo from your (his) favorite restaurant and search for another a lot of evidence that You is the best event in his gray world), or so you want to make sure that everything about him is well developed, what it is, not drunk, now finally came to your senses, ate and hat wearing (as if you mother grew up, but stupid child), and actually driven to this view other people's story's own sense of guilt for all real and imaginary sins and the pain that you caused former lover.

Third in the top reasons for your elbows to yourself to bite. That's straight up blood. Because the former all good, and you present not so, and climb in a head doubts, thoughts about missed opportunities and the pent-up envy other people's happiness. There would be, first, to remember that installer all perfect and you too, their conflicts are not afishiruet, secondly, to think about the real situation in the current relations and solve current issues, but the envy to pay special attention. What is it? Envy is the desire minus faith. (I want the same a happy relationship, but I don't believe you can create such). And then the problem turns into a task, and it can be solve!

of Course, there are dozens of reasons big and small to create a secret account, endless monitoring and conducting late-night investigations at the Institute about his new passion, but whether it promotes the building of your new relationship without little reservations "spite" in retaliation that he left you or misjudged and allowed to leave?

Some I would argue that this is simply habit (can you really always closely watched the recent visit online, or monitor who laykaet), but how long should we save that now?

After all, whenever you catch yourself thinking to look at his account in any of social networks, you reinforce the habit, the illusion of incompleteness of the relationship, mentally voluntarily associate themselves with him is not the ropes – ropes, and scientific speaking – train your neural network to suffer/to be bored or angry every day resurrecting the past in the present. Special place in this thread is demonstrative behavior to see if he looked my story) you know each other?

And in this state it is difficult to build your own life, too carried away by a stranger. This is just not enough time nor energy.

of Course this is not unique to women, and I genuinely understand such behavior, and understand that only deliberately stop it – you much earlier will take the attention from the partner for yourself and start building a new relationship with yourself and others.

Kuzhilny Eugene
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