Each of us is a very responsible person, especially in front of other people, I often encounter this in the groups who lead in the medical center. My question is:

- do You consider yourself a responsible person? - all respond in unison.

- Yes, of course.

- And to whom are You responsible? - I go.

' what do you? Before whom you promised. In front of other people...

- And in front of you? When You promised something to yourself? Another swore that You'll be sure to do something for yourself... How often have You performed?

And then there is uncomfortable silence...

Oh, Yes. Vowed and promised and told about their plans on the right and left - admired, wrote them in a notebook - got enormous pleasure, my dreams have all come true... But never start, or what did not... 'said one of the participants.

- But got a lot of pleasure from talking about it?

Yes, but then was embarrassed when everyone started to ask about the results...

As it is familiar, I too was once like this until I realized that its plans need to be silent.

a Person cannot be called responsible if it does not perform the data itself promises.

So what is the reason?

it's simple...

Talking about their plans we are upsetting energy, build castles in the air of the result. These conversations and descriptions are doing a "disservice" leaving us with the work in the possession. We are in his subconscious as if to put a tick in the list of deeds and achievements that we have outlined. We have already received a reward for it and enjoyed the result which is not in the form of pleasant emotions, praise, and admiration from others received in advance.

Such "advances" have the bitter taste of neglect and insult. Talk yourself to take "advances" from the world and people, not to test then the disappointment and awkwardness.

And yet, the brain is still present, or it was only in our imagination. The experiments of scientists neuroscientists confirm that in case of obtaining real results and rewards for them, and in the case of imaginary results include the same areas of the brain. For the brain are the same, therefore, our conscious and subconscious fills your unfulfilled plan Affairs done, motivation and energy for it disappears.

So if You have any plan, project or dream, don't tell anyone about them until then while they will not be realized.

publicly Disclose only what is already completed and achieved.

Show available results.

With respect to You and Your life, Tatiana Tayurskii

Tayurskii Tatiana
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