For starters, let's try to understand the concept of the "Wisdom" that we hear when we talk about this? In General terms we can say that Wisdom is the property of deep human knowledge in different spheres of activity and human intelligence... which has an excellent degree of mastery of the knowledge and the ability to timely and competently apply this knowledge in their personal lives and in the life of human society with consideration of the particular situation. However, it should be understood that all existing wisdom have the ability to develop and improve and this is connected primarily with development of human intellect and practical application of acquired experience.

in order to gain and use the wisdom of course you need to constantly acquire new knowledge and learn to interact with the outside world, but not just to collect and retrieve information, and to extract from this information necessary and useful for himself the knowledge that you can later apply in life. This knowledge is just as possible and correct or Supplement them to achieve the best result.

the Man who constantly develops and uses in its life a variety of wisdom could be called a wise man, probably because a lot of what he was able to understand the value and usefulness of achieving these wisdoms and skills to improve the surrounding outside world and greater comfort, tranquility, security, etc. in your internal world.

the Symbol of wisdom is the Owl and today I want to show you a new exciting test images where you will see a variety of owls. Choose from these pictures of the owl which then appear to you most wise and perhaps a description to this picture of the owl will tell you something new and will tell you something useful for future use

Choose? then read the following description to this picture of owl


Friends tell me in the comments to this article was useful to you these descriptions to the pictures of owls? and if you own and use that wisdom in your life can tell us about it in the comments

and another question

do you Listen to the advice?Listen and do as movetoattributens but they do because they believe nejnymi listen I know what to do

and remember the wise are not born, become wise!

Strive for a wise decision!

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Vitaliy Tereschenko
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