With beard on his bald head or on the desacralization of his father's Oedipal objects

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Some insights on motives of a recent trip to Germany.

Near one of the Central streets of Berlin — Unter den Linden is a small square, where shortly before the fall of the Communist regime was a monument to Marx and Engels. Marx sits and Engels is. After debunking the Communist ideology, the Germans began to demolish the monument, and turned it into a kind of art object. The founders of scientific communism, now dressed up in different clothes, like the Manneken Pis in Brussels, the paint, each time in different ways.

We even caught a performance by two women pasted on the monument of paper application with abstract paintings. Looked funny... and a bit sacrilegious. With surprise traced in themselves to some degree of indignation at the kind of treatment of the monument. It would seem that what the Germans want, and do something with the characters from your story: want. want — applique paste.

However, I managed to track just how deeply my childhood was embedded with respect to these people as to the sacred figures. It was not the third member of the Trinity of Lenin, but without it the relation to the two remaining characters jarred. Not very much — as a rudiment of consciousness, but nonetheless.

Although, if you remember — in my high school years (mid 70s — early ' 80s), told each other anecdotes about the leaders of the proletariat.

- Krupa, get out of here, bald porn busted.

Or a joke, the phrase from which the title chosen:

a Man sits in a taxi:
- With a beard on his bald head!
- where, Where?
From Marx Avenue to Lenin.

So in school much reverence to these figures was not, and Komsomol meetings and Lenin's tests managed to pozadovat. Rather, this layer of memory (emotional memory) refers to the pre-school age, I would venture to suggest that the Oedipal period, when the Holy Trinity Marx-Engels-Lenin was formed a transfer whether paternal or some Sorotchinsky (something a little strange — not a single leader that would be understandable, and just the three of you, echo the Christian Trinity, perhaps).

In the works Freud "the Future of an illusion", "the discontents" and some others described the psychological process of the formation of religious sensibilities, relations to God as to sverguzova figure. Probably there was something like that, but because of the idea of God, and then by replacing it with the figure of the Leader of that time refused, and became, for all its seemingly rational absurdities, this Trinity.

Propaganda of that period of my life quite successfully coped with the fact that the part of my libido was split off in the formation of emotional attachment to these figures. Now all this is strange to realize, understand the absurdity of their warm feelings for him, the absurdity of this attachment. Thank the Germans for their performance. Perhaps, consciously or unconsciously, they work on their attitude towards this part of its history, the desacralization of such internal objects of his unconscious.

Maxime, France
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