In childhood I had a dream. I desperately wanted to have a pen PAL. I read about it in the Soviet books, heard from friends and saw the house a stack of letters that his parents received from family and friends.

Now the problem would be solved quite easy – just go online and find a suitable companion. But, unfortunately or fortunately, my childhood and adolescence comes at a time when the Internet in our country yet was not, or it just appeared. Therefore, virtual communication can not speak, we simply do not know what it is.

I didn't Have friends living in other cities. I wrote letters only to my grandma, who lives far away. A couple of girls that I met in the camp, at first expressed a desire to correspond with me. But over time, the exchange of letters dried up. And I, several times receiving no answer, sadly, stopped writing.

However, the desire to communicate in the epistolary genre I had. That feeling when you go to the mailbox, and there you'll get a letter transferable. This interest and desire to open the envelope and read the contents of the letter, and at the same time, the desire to stretch this moment, enjoying the anticipation.

I had a girlfriend close enough. And that's what we came up with. We started corresponding with them. Letters passed in school or during a personal meeting, sometimes parents, sometimes throwing in the mailbox. In these letters we wrote about their thoughts and feelings, plans for the future and shared common memories. This was accompanied by funny drawings, puzzles, and sometimes unexpected gifts in the form of stickers, clippings from magazines, etc. We made the envelopes and came up with their design, drew postage stamps, came up with interesting tasks.

I Have still kept these letters. Rereading them, I can't help but smile. Such unsophisticated and cute we were, childish thought about the difficult questions and looking for answers.

These letters remind me about how if you do something you really want, your dream comes true!

Sokurenko Anna
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