Writing practices. The list of 100


100 points that will help you to understand the chaos in my head.

If you need more details about writing practices, then read my articles in the link.

PP (written practice) is not always a deep dive into your unconscious complexity into.
There are simple and easy, however important.

Also to the writing practices relate.

Options lists a lot. I offer you

"100 "

Take a task, question, problem, 100, and prescribe solutions to it.

You can write a list in one sitting. Give yourself that time so you don't interfere. Select the location where you will be well, comfortable and quiet.

And maybe, you will configure a one hundred options on the enrage in several approaches.

Just write 100. This is not a plan, it's not a dream, it doesn't have those options that you plan to take.
This is actually the solution of a similar problem, you may have heard about, which suggest, read, tried you or others.

Yes, vymochite, think out, remember.
Once this list will serve you well.
If you give up, you'll just stab option and hands will rise again.

For example. Question, girl friend half of humanity.

How to lose weight?

1 do Not eat after 18

2 sports

3.Count calories

4 Love unrequited, to suffer and not to eat

Float 5

6 Cut the stomach

7 Breathing practices

8 Go to therapy

9 to Use the Dukan diet

10 the Diet of the Kremlin

11 the System minus 60

12 Diet according to blood type

13 to be depressed and ishidate

14 Dance

15 Go to the gym

And so on.

Any question/task to translate the list of options.
In the process and after it becomes clear that to achieve any goal you can very very.

does the aim idea of a happy life?
Not too confuse you my idea?
And what strange ways people reach goals strange?

ie. along the way you will revise, recheck your aim for environmental friendliness and compliance with reality.

Here is a minute video, where the same, but the words, look, listen:

Friends. I work a lot with writing practices and writing about them. PP is a free, efficient and always available by your personal therapist.

If you want to study them more, I invite you to read my articles HERE

And if you are ready to apply them to work with their tasks, problems and issues, you can do it together in an online group.

Three weeks writing practices with my feedback and mutual support group.

"Write! The brain take care)"

Now there is a set on the September thread.
group Details HERE

I Invite you to introspection)

see you among the participants.

Orphan Olga
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