Writing therapy: what a beast


Really, what is it? The diaries? Daily draining negative experiences? Self-report on the implementation of the plans? A study of his own life and reflection of the past? The performance of certain written exercises? The inventing of non-existent, but – Oh, such great stories? Of course, writing therapy is a bigger, deeper, harder and more productively. The author has been practicing it as a separate genre in 2014. The elements – from the ancient to the present day in 1990 when you first started to work in the field of psychology. Before my eyes – examples of work with depressive clients, hypochondriacs, psihastenii, dependent and co-dependent.

Writing therapy as a standalone tool or in conjunction with the armchair approach can provide significant benefits thoughtful, disturbing, tangled in their own and others ' standards to the client.

If you summarize, the essence of writing therapy in turning customer's negative experiences, thoughts, sensations in the body using a special stimulus technology. Then there is the joint with the therapist working with this text, as with the object. Under such conditions it is possible to look at the contents of his psyche, and to a certain extent to edit this content. To transform it into something more positive and adapted to the good life.

Writing therapy involves initial diagnostics, then self-study for the stated problems, the analysis of the received materials with the help of a specialist, the necessary cognitive-behavioral work, the implementation of creative tasks on the developed theme. At the end of therapy, the same diagnostic is required.

the result is a gradual discharge emotionally charged areas of the psyche. The client begins more freely to handle the maintenance of his subjective reality. Corrects their bad attitudes and accumulating the necessary cognitive and behavioral habits, all through the exercises with the text. Finds motivation in new actions and, in fact, begins to produce them.

the Most common themes in the written therapy: their own fears, guilt, scandals in the family, loss of direction in life and depression, chronic bad luck, loss of taste of life, devaluation, inability to get out of the circumstances and much more.

Want to try writing therapy? Be prepared to complete written assignments and send them to your therapist. To receive comments, to answer them, to Refine materials and develop new a series of tasks.

With a sufficient investment of personal activity – the result exceeds all expectations: new work, new relationships, and even the "new Me" in an already existing relationship. Side benefit: significantly improved writing, which instantly affects the preparation of working papers, and in acquiring a new hobby – literary works. It makes sense to take the risk!

Litwin Eugene
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