"Я его спасу"


There are women with the syndrome of the rescuer. All that they wonderful: clever and beautiful, stylish, successful, but in his personal life a complete failure. So women need to save anyone, instead, to build serious and strong relationship with a decent man. Accordingly, for these the worthy partner of Savior is unavailable, because on a subconscious level find themselves in a couple of male sufferers. This type of people really need to be constantly saved from the evil witch, unfair boss, fellow whores, Yes God knows who else. This is one form of codependency.

People living permanently in the drama, in this way, attracts
attention and holds close to him. Women spasatelny all very well but exactly the opposite. Receive love is as alarming cries that he will not be able to live, he suffers, and only one, magic fairy, can help him.
Inspired by the fact that only with her he finally found peace and emotional balance, the lifeguard stoically tolerate the nagging darling, inability to make decisions, inventing new and new options for rescue of a drowning man, and in General, tries to be the best and irreplaceable. It seems, well, a bit more grey and the mole will turn a bright moth. Forces and firewood in the fire throws her unfortunate Prince, who occasionally moaning, something like, without you I won't die, look me in the eye.
it would Seem, all of them wonderful, tandem works, if not for one thing. To save the man from his psychological trauma, which, in fact, all the fuss, maybe only himself. No magic spells of the second half, chicken paws under the pillow, plantain, pasted to his forehead, can not affect his emotional state and to heal the sick once and for all. All attempts of a female warrior to fight other warriors in the head men, sooner or later suffer the inevitable fiasco.

the Best thing everyone can do from this couple to do is to save yourself. Of course, work a lot harder, because no one admires your ability to be there, not singing you praise one, so the motivation for such saving is zero.
If you weigh all the pros and cons and seriously think about what you want more - a full, healthy relationship with a decent man, or nasty, cold swamp from which you want always someone to drag, perhaps the choice will be obvious.

Anna Olovyanishnikov
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