"Я хочу этого или мне это только кажется?" Как услышать голос сердца


At some stage in working together with my clients "POPs up" a serious problem, which is called "can't understand what I want or I just feel like I want to?"

we Know that our desires arise in that part of the personality called the Inner child. If you have a child was injured, and your inner child ignored, then you will be missing the required contact with the part of the personality. So, you will find it difficult to understand their desires.

to understand your desires, the voice of the Inner Child needs to be loud enough. So that you can hear. As you can hear the voice of the Child and your Want.

the First is to sit down and write a list of "one Hundred of my Want." A hundred different desires, tangible and intangible, the ordinary and the extravagant, children and adults. If the list is written with difficulty, turn off your head and write everything that comes to mind. After some diligence, you will have to write it.

After writing the list you may question - "are all these wishes really to me desirable?". At this stage you need to determine what is behind your want, your desire or your "need" (sometimes we think we want, but it turns out that it's just the "machinations" of the mind)

the True desire born in the heart and live at the level of feelings, that is ... in our body. Not hard to guess where you live "have to." They are "based" in our brain, that is in my head. Therefore, to understand the desire and all-just your idea can be turned to your own body. Because the body never lies!

In my Arsenal of professional techniques is an exercise that helps determine the true desires. I suggest to you to execute it.

Pick from this list two of my wishes. Suppose first wish "I Want to go relax in Italy". And the second "Want to repair in your room," Take two subjects. Let the first item represents your first wish, a trip to Italy. And the second repair.

Place both of the object at a certain distance from itself. Look at the first see in it not the subject, but your ride. And then take a step toward your desire. What you feel in your body? Is there any change in their own feelings? Make one more step, then another. And stand next to his "desire".

What you feel and feel? If the body does not responds to your closeness with "desire", then it's not a desire, just a thought. If when you get closer you feel a pleasant sensation in the abdomen, chest, you feel warmth and joy, and then that's it - your Desire! Follow all the same with the second wish.

Usually my clients clearly feel the inner sensations in the body and can say "Yes! I want this! I feel joy! I am filled with energy!"

it is Important. If it really is your Want, it will give you energy. That is the nature of desires. Want energy and Need or Should take it.

you can Now test your desire. Remove from the list that is not your desire. Leave it only your Want. And start to implement them. By the way, your I Want to implement, much easier than other people. Check!

Yours, Olga Fedoseeva

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Olga Fedoseeva
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