Я люблю женатого

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How many women find themselves in such a situation?! Even if she is married. And lonely? Just rushes headlong into the relationship. A married man, as forbidden fruit.

Yes, says the magic phrase: "I have not been living with his wife. We have been living as neighbors", "my family keeps only child", "I don't love her." Well how here to resist? Because maybe true love can give only you, only you-he just will not stop.

You probably better his wife in all respects: more caring, more beautiful, younger, understanding, more energetic, more fun, with better taste, more correct understanding of life, whatever (career started to move upwards), there's the friends, maybe a hobby. Here what a wonderful girl! Just super-duper!

And the man hunter! Yeah, the production itself runs freely.... Oh, she noticed... Why not try?

And you thought that once his wife fell in love with the same irresistible qualities? Child and life has made adjustments. The man often unconsciously chooses a woman like his wife. Unconscious! And he says that You are the ideal that you are special and well, not like Her, it's all half-truths.

Yes, the situations are different. And love sincere, and the wife of a bitch, and the care of the family the only way. And will live in love and harmony rest of my life. Anything can happen. But this is the exception rather the rule.

What to do if It still happened? Love married. Life focused around him and the whole world like a fog. Even the sun only shines over his head. Love that can not live a day. Air without him is not enough. And waiting, waiting, waiting... the paradox is that the more you wait, the longer your relationship, the more doubts.

And now comes an Event that puts points over "i". No matter What happened. The result is clear. He remains in the family. What's wrong with you? How will you live? How throwing, pain, accusations and! Stop! The heat must pass. The most controversial option is to accept the role of mistress. Humiliating, but at least sometimes favorite with you. It is hoped that He will appreciate your love.

Other options more difficult, painful and also humiliating. "He promised". "He loved me". "I'm better". "I can't do without it." "How good we were". "Why, why, why?". Pride the floor and no strength to get up. A pain shouts, calls you do the wacky. And one must live. Sea tips around. Forget it, shake it off, find another, get a job, get a dog or cat, go on vacation.... The Country Of The Soviets.

Hard. Hard. Hurt. Sometimes it is unbearably painful. Over time it will become less sore, but the pain will not go away. And maybe find another way? The only cry on the shoulder of friends and moms. Many have realized that it is safer to go to therapy. Professional help heals faster and more efficiently. Look from the side and in the distance more clearly see the problem. I do not insist. I just understand your pain.

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