"Я не могу решиться..." Почему нам так сложно делать выбор?

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way of Life is multifaceted and does not like the straight smooth highway, which we drive at breakneck speed from birth to death. It consists of forks, turns and hidden paths that can only be seen if you stop and look around properly. At each fork in life we are faced with a CHOICE. To turn in one direction or another? To overcome the obstacle or to leave it as is? Go alone or with someone? These situations require us to action, action that leads to the unknown, but simultaneously takes us out of a state of constant development.
On the threshold of such an act and we stop. Appears anxiety, doubt, uncertainty, even fears, for we look out beyond the usual reality in the cold unknown future. br>
"What if I quit?"
"As business goes if I open it?"
"Meeting someone else, if you go from partner to which you no longer have feelings?"
"will succeed if you change the domain?"
"I'll be happy to(a) a marriage?"

All those fears, worries and doubts are NORMAL. But why did they stop and freaking me the fuck out? Why is able to paralyze and to give up to get started? Because we live in illusion that choice needs to be natural, to bring relief and meet resistance in the us and around the world. But considering this choice we see that no natural, no ease in sight. So something with my decision not. Then again, anxiety, fear, doubt, anguish. br>
But the idea of simplicity, the important choice is an illusion. If we consider its essence, the CHOICE is tantamount to the struggle of motives. This means that inside you there is a conflict between two parts that want different things. And what choice you would have made, one part is in any case will not be satisfied, and since this is your part, not satisfied with will you :) regardless of what you choose to do at this point of development, you still have to sacrifice something.
Choosing freedom from unloved work, we sacrifice consistency and safety. Choosing a new relationship, we abandon the comfortable and familiar life, which was built for years. By choosing ourselves, we run the risk of being uncomfortable and losing social approval.
And back all the time choosing stability and security, we sacrifice our freedom, development, personality. br>
it is important to understand that the choices we make are not between jobs and partners. We decide which of their pieces and needs to follow and which to leave unsatisfied. Decide to endure all the bitterness, pain, anger, sadness and heaviness of what we have to sacrifice in the name of what we will get. Not recognizing the pain, we will all the time be afraid of it and thus to keep themselves from change and development.

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