"Я родила шизофреника, сделайте что-нибудь!"

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the receiving Parents. most Often, they come when already everything is more than obvious/running and difficult to govern.

They are terrified that their child is "Liar/Schizophrenic/Crazy and asked, "remove it from this deviation is"

In fact, the child comes to Zaditomo Fantasising (so it's called. Remember, Adults: when a child has a zone of fantasy is more than the norm!) only in extreme cases.


- When you push and break its boundaries (external and internal)br>
- When on site can accommodate the Other without warning and demand

- When restoring order in his closet/room without warning.

- When you enter the room or not doors

- When interrupted in mid-sentence.

- When people buy what you have to do yourself (for a child), and not to him.

- When he had a lot of supervised but few in the live contact with loved ones

- When he can't Express yourself

- When he was scared, and loved ones do not notice

- When he's feeling lonely

- When he lives in the standby mode ("wait, sit, then")

When his feelings are ignored by loved ones


* Only he is the master in it and everything is subordinated only to him

* So it can attract the attention of loved ones. Let this negative and destructive, but in these moments close to him belong

* in This way he tries to protect himself from terrible monsters/monsters/ghosts and villains who beset his imagination every step of the way (at night especially)

* So he relieves himself from a lonely existence and gets himself a faithful and devoted friend in the person the main character of your World


Always remember the three magic words: boundaries, feelings and sense of self your child. br>


Yes, it is fraught in the future with the development of schizophrenia when the child's personality splits.......but not all children. br>
Especially vulnerable children with fine mental organization, creative, with a suppressed aggression and repressed feelings.

take care of their small children Adults. br>
You live in this world much more, and they are only a few years........

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