«Я смогу попасть в тебя стрелой ненависти…»… Или – злобный купидон…


"She so much tired from the constant flow of information on work hard and long road, constant Affairs, claims friends, the troubled relationship with his brother, who knows very well to tease and emotionally sting, from the inner voices, never ceasing for a second, and many others that day by day bothers and weakens it. So when he gave her the occasion, she splashed out on it all negative, which really wasn't for him. But to stop myself, to stop the flow of energy she could until, until I felt empty. But with the devastation came a sense of bitterness and anger at herself, that she unfairly hurt a loved one, and to yell she had another, and for a long time...".

to Hurt a close person is always easier. You know, where you have to beat to achieve the greatest effect. Why with the people we are unscrupulous, than with unknown people? Why can't we return the negative energy of those who gave us and early close that didn't deserve it?

there is a feeling that as if I'm trying to spare the feelings of the "unknown Vasi, unfamiliar Masha", maintaining its positive image, a respectable image of yourself. But I ignore what my friend with unpleasant. Unnatural situation. Loved ones know me from all sides – positive, negative, uncertain, and most importantly, that with all this chaos accept me. Adoption is a wonderful adoption and spreading our hands as if giving permission and allowing for a variety of behavior that may hurt another person. Because in acceptance, we are impulsive and artistic, open to the world and experience.

But this situation is wrong. As a result of incorrectly distributed energy may receive stress, which is adaptive voltage. If I accumulate negative energy, or give her no direction, it all affects me.

Emotional relaxation, harmonizing the internal state to come when I return to another person the fact that I "gave", "given", "granted", creating, thus, the energy transmission process of inhalation/exhalation.

After keeping the negative energy, leaving it with him, we could promote themselves to the mechanism of interruption of the contact of retroflexion. Retroflexion is one of my favorite mechanisms of interruption of the contact, as outwardly he seems to be crazy social, but seriously destroying themselves internally, contributing to the formation of the inner pulse of self-aggression. I also love him and accept as this is my dominant mechanism interrupts the contact that I used in contact now less and less (thank you therapy), learning to be in touch, interacting without a cloud, as well as transmitting energy into. Retroflexion is doing yourself the fact that the original people did, wanted to or tried to do another. Initially, the energy data had to go outside, but in fact directed at themselves, as the arrow that was supposed to hit the target, and gets to the heart of the Archer person. The main objective when working with retroflexion lies in the fact that consciously come to his senses, to operate in the "here and now", and it is also important to coordinate the body's response to the words and return them to the client – facing reality helps to hear yourself. If retroflexion insidious point is that people, instead of gradually blow off steam, negative or even a positive feeling, waiting for when the cover will begin to fly off from the kettle – only then can he afford to relax and hang. But it is a healthy part of retroflexive available. There is a joke about the fact that if it were not retroflexion, there'd be some dead bodies and pregnant women, that is, people would not be able to restrain their impulses and desires.

Learning in a focused and targeted to give negative energy. Possible option for those who like a leisurely start to refer to themselves, to work with art tools. To try to portray what you have received from another person (something negative). Or write, as the letter in which you give him what he gave you. It's so quiet non-verbal way "himself".

the Second option is to work with "empty" or "hot" chair. Usually used in a state of maximum excitement. Imagine that the person who causes you the most negative emotional reaction sits on the chair, the chair in front of you. How does he look? Looks like? What emotions do you feel from him? Whether you like it or not like it? You will need to listen to yourself and tell him what's eating you that makes it hard to breathe. Give vent to his feelings – the main thing to reflect emotions and feelings. The answer is you do not has an important message. Most importantly permit yourself, granting yourself the right to speak.

I Wish you in feel order and harmony. Allow yourself to let off steam, not to burn others around you to one day not to be alone.

Kozhina (Repacova) Ekaterina
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