"Я так больше не могу!"

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"I can't take it anymore!". This phrase, probably everyone has said at least once in your life. Many "I can't" is not just a phrase, but a state in which they are already quite a long time.

I Recently began to think about this phrase in another context. "I can't" tells us about their needs. It is a signal to man that he needs to relax, to switch from "Groundhog day" on your desires and positive emotions, to change the situation, to pay attention to your feelings, take care of yourself. In this phrase is concentrated several of the emotions that are closely intertwined: irritation or anger from the fact that all leans and no end, chronic fatigue from lack of sleep, denial of yourself the rest for a long period of time, the disappointment in yourself that it is impossible to do something in time or at all to force yourself to do something, the feeling of powerlessness, and even wine.

When a man says, his resources exhausted, lacking the power, the future seems either vague or cause for great alarm. This causes a lot of stress. To reduce anxiety and stress, it starts to squeeze out the last bit of strength to somehow take control of his life. Thus, people causes your body to burn on the physical and emotional levels. This is because the first signals of fatigue and tension were ignored, the person considered that he has in store yet wow how how much. Either in a person's life was kind of stressful, and it is not fully recovered from it.

many readers may have objections: I have to go to bed early, when not made up? How can take care of myself when the kids still need to cook the soup and wash the floors? How can I go somewhere when I don't have time even to wash my hair? Yes, I agree, things should be done. But, let's imagine a different situation. You need to go somewhere, and the tank cars are not made. What will you do? Of course, you first fill the car with fuel, and then go to the right place. If fuel is not, the car will not go anywhere.

And now leave it up to the life of an ordinary person. If the tank is not filled, it will be hard to restore your life balance, which he only gives, but receives nothing in return.

Here are some simple guidelines that you can use today:

- a revision that you do per day/week/month. As practice shows, some things we do out of habit, but they are not so relevant to us. For example, every day we washed the floors, when it was repaired or child was crawling, but the repair has long passed, and the child runs a long time – and we all continue to wash the floors every day and through the day out of habit. Or continue to watch TV after the end of your favorite show or the news. Or answer ALL phone calls that distract us from more important matters. Such habits in the life of an ordinary person;

- write a plan for tomorrow/the week/month. So it will be easier to navigate in time and timing of cases. Moreover, exclamation points or numbers to highlight what needs to be done in the first place. It helps you to see more important things to weed out unnecessary;

you should find time for recuperation. What brings you pleasure and joy? What kind of people fill you with positive emotions? You want to try in your life, where to go, what to read? Sometimes even switching to another activity gives excellent results. Time repairing power increases its effectiveness. And even if he needs to accomplish many things he could do, spending the least amount of effort than if he were tired and exhausted;

- scroll to 10 minutes a day in order to get my thoughts in order (better to do it before bed). Sit in a comfortable chair or in the Lotus position on the floor, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, spend some time alone with your thoughts, relax your body, listen to yourself. This practice will help you calm down, set yourself on a good, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and rejuvenate from a busy day.

take care!

Ragulina Anastasia
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