"Я вырос в неполной семье и не могу построить отношения"

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interest in the psychology of the customers often lack the second parent. Had no father, and I'd like to blame the problems and other necklacesthe current life. My observations and feelings show that to pay attention is necessary and important to the flow of the energy of love in the contact pair and the relationship to each other in the family system, and not on the mere presence of two parents. br>
If the child is performing some action that is not perceived by the mother as the right, he hears: "like father like son", "You are of your father," most likely it gives no information about the child, but illuminates the nature of couple relationships. In this way the child learns the part of me that belongs to his father not to take her to be ashamed of, reject.

most Likely this person in the future will be a client of a therapist. And will restore its integrity, which was not accepted initially that he does not know, does not feel. br>
a man is likely to have problems in building relationships, accompanied by a premature exit from the contact precisely at the moment when the partner is as close as possible to it really, which all his life he hid and avoided in itself. br>
Easier and safer to stay in the shadows I own and alone, not to face again with the conviction that part of yourself, which seems at this moment, even in the childhood took her mother.

another person could fall into a dependent relationship where someone else will be able to endow his image of himself: "You're beautiful, smart, you're interesting and cool" And, most likely, not believing his luck, just starting to believe it, but when faced with the problems in the relationship, curl up. When someone gave him to be simpler and to take back all their laurels with them, and "I'm something of a quite different opinion".

Working with a therapist is the restoration of the lost image of himself. This work, which allows not to group every time in anticipation of the strike at contact. But teaching to withstand the boundary of the other and keep their own, based on knowledge about yourself. Such work with a psychologist, initially brought in as a problem with the opposite sex, it changes my life and attitude in General. br>

Nadezhda Belyakova
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