Yogurt and butter


the trend: Low self-esteem. Uncertainty. A sense of inferiority.

In the big fridge there was yogurt. The yogurt was a lonely, shy and quiet, he rarely spoke with the other inhabitants of the refrigerator. He loved his house, it was spacious, with beautiful white shelves, and most importantly it was cold, which is very much like kefir. As with the yogurt in the refrigerator lived, and other products, but the butter had the most, as much as 3 packs. The oil was very proud of myself.

You're just a bag of water, you are not tasty, and I'm soft and tender. Me more than anyone in this fridge!!! I every day our hostess invites you to a loaf of bread to sit, but yesterday even red caviar put on top!!!- said oil kefir.

Bananas, eggs, parsley and all other products are timidly silent, timid one, do not agree with oil.

Kefir it was especially painful to hear such words. Actually it was rarely taken out of the fridge, he rarely gave the great white Cup. Often little black Cup.

Ehh, it's been such a sad, sighing, said yogurt.

But then one warm morning the landlady took the yogurt and poured it into a large bowl.

Hmm.strange...what she's doing. thought kefir.

In a large bowl, mistress added a few magic ingredients. Yogurt very much was delighted, yet no one from the entire refrigerator didn't give a big bowl and didn't invite her in so many products. The hostess lit the fire on the stove and put the frying pan on it.

Wow !!!-I thought kefir.

Finally, wait .- added kefir.

NO!!!NO!!! –shouted the oil.

I am the most important, I take up space on the shelf most of all!!!- added the oil.

the cries of the oil in the kitchen has gone the daughter of the hostess.

what are you cooking mom?- the girl asked.

the Pancakes mom said.

Great , and how to prepare it ?- thoughtfully the girl asked.

Mom told the girl the secret of making pancakes.

Class!!! When I grow up I will be sure to cook the pancakes! - enthusiastically said the girl.

And what is the most important ingredient in cooking?- thoughtfully the girl asked.

All the ingredients are very important! And yogurt and eggs and flour, water and oil! mom said the girl.

If you miss out the pancakes do not get to cook. - said the hostess.

And I thought that the main oil...we have so much of it - thoughtfully said the girl.

No, the oil is as important a product as the rest of them smiled and said Mama.

More isn't better. – said the hostess.

Yogurt and all the other products were very happy to hear this news.

the Oil was a little disappointed hearing that it's not the best, but I thought the mistress of all law. And offered friendship kefir. The yogurt was very glad that I found a new friend and realized that he about as useful and good as all other products.

Questions for reflection: Why kefir was lonely? How do you understand the words of the mistress "more isn't better"? Why oil is very proud? Why do you think the oil decided to make friends with the yogurt? How do you think the oil did the right thing?

Medico Olga
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