We often get angry at myself and then mad at angry and in a toga devour itself, but not anger, and in a low voice of scorn, humiliation, hatred, guilt. Most worryingly, this is the last of these feelings. So they do not feel we are afraid to be angry pretending to be calm and balanced where anger would be appropriate as feeling and emotion, but it is important not to translate it into the state.

When is anger normal? In any situation where there is a conflict, internal and external, the conflict of personalities between us humans as individuals, in a conflict of interest when the violation of our borders ourselves and others when we do not observe borders, their interests.

The anger useful? With their energy, but short-term, clearly heartfelt, and not necessarily expressed in the outside, at the level of emotions, communication, interaction, and communication. Bright lived anger, is a tough, specific, precise and point-feeling aimed at relief of distress, of fear, of helplessness and of stirring up within themselves feelings and States of self-deprecation, self-flagellation and destruction. As the laser beam is focused on the inflammation, she cauterizes his stopping a protracted process of destruction. And the process of self-destruction due to suppressed anger provoke us to further actions that aggravate our condition and life, our interaction with others.

When we are 30-40 years hammered into his head, that anger is bad, and then we've learned that it's dangerous, and even punishable, it's difficult to afford simple and reactive, situational anger. So you need yourself to teach, to educate, to be angry, it's just to respond to what is now us angry or annoyed.

Angry with yourself calmly and constructively at what is now, in fact, you brought in the conflict that broke your balance, your calm state, your plans and interests, you can say to yourself - I'm mad, I'm mad like I'm mad at .....

If the cause is in you, you are not able to say no, violated its borders and interests, values, tell yourself-I'm angry with myself for that....

And if you calmly posiliti, there is a normal balance and come other feelings, conditions on other scales indicated in the picture, regret, bliss, shame, confidence or satisfaction for something that is recognized and lived, and then arrest the further destruction of the source itself. Similarly, we can proceed with other feelings, emotions and attitudes, most importantly, to understand that this process is in your hands. To arrest need not angry, and those processes and States that creates not lived anger.

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