-Can be better?


-But better than "Kate"?



-Because first you have to become a "kata", and then to work long and hard to get around her, but as long as you do it, Kate will go a long way.

-Sorry...I wanted...

-Can be better than you yesterday!'s not interesting....

-I can Not, when for itself!

-Need someone cooler who want to be!

this was the dialogue in different variations, occasionally happens in my office. People live with the way someone is jealous and wants to be like him, but not just similar, but certainly better than he is. Be sure to catch up and overtake, or not interested, otherwise no sense to work with yourself and on yourself, just like that, just for myself.

"Devoting" their victory parents, friends, ex, the one ahead, and then must necessarily appear those who come to him too to overtake and overtake.. what's it like? The endless relay.. But in the sports relay race at least there is a team fight and winning team.

And in this case, the person creates a phantom team, and how the battle of psychics, "I see you have a man, a man, a woman came up, and it's a friend, but a friend of a friend"- assembled phantom heroes and participants, all the "run and cross" running through life like a hamster in a wheel... Some stimulate, others to motivate, carrot nose and spades at the rear point and everything is fine, speed dialed.

the Recent history of my practice, now it is laughable the client, but the first meeting wasn't funny....43 year old woman came with me as a coach comes with a careless athlete who began to sabotage the training and competition. Gave me the "sportsman", who began to slow down and unexpectedly falling in the relay client.

-Changes are possible, the main time to change the carrots and spades incentives so to speak, then Masha, then shreds, then remembered a neighbor, it is necessary to bypass it on a sharp turn! And the former, as the speed adds, and his new all fly away, as in "James bond" space....The truth here is coming home and so sad, tired of something.... Strange, try, life is good, but it misses somehow, no calm, no joy, keep running, and as one all, especially during the holidays is bad...

-So it may cease to run?

-So as to live, why then?

-for yourself, For your happiness, for your business, for your satisfaction, joy, fullness of life, to interact with people, for friendship, for love...a Lot to live for and why...

-And what many people live like this?

is A...

-And what not to run, not to look, not overtake? What if I lose course? Get off, stop, freeze?

-maybe it's a holiday? Maybe it is time not to run, but calmly walk, walk, aimlessly, viewing and watching....Relax, slow down, start to look around, to have fun? To take the course for yourself, the future?

I don't know....scary somehow...What, go on vacation???

In General, we painted the holiday, which staged a "coach and athlete", the client took the service support online and went to rest. Of course vacation, a change, support and the walking itself, the care and attention did the trick. Came a different woman, certainly not without frustration and reinvention of your life, pity party the last run with the phantoms.

Now she no longer runs, and carries himself, carefully and gently, take care of yourself and listening to yourself, your feelings, thoughts and desires,allowed himself to be lazy, to indulge themselves and came to the conclusion that life is now, not where he ran, and not where you fled, she's here...And it was interesting to watch their change in yourself, right now, today. Today it is no longer a hamster in a wheel surrounded by phantoms-the ghosts of the past, and the woman walking forward, calmly, confidently, and for myself, with taste, with feeling, to meet a new one.

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