Mother – this is the first person with whom we relate and who are ready to give unconditional love ❤ On the basis of these relations is our world and the future. But sometimes the connection “a child-mother” is toxic and wrong. Your love is not accepted, manipulated and managed😢

All this, of course, will be reflected in the adults years.
Below is a list of signs of a toxic relationship with the mother.

1. You set goals to impress her. All actions are performed with a subconscious thought about the reaction of the mother, about her approval. This can be: University admission, career choice, partner work…

2. You unconsciously copy the behavior. Even if a child didn't behave like a mother. From unhealthy patterns are hard to break, they are laid in childhood.

3. Her words sit firmly in your head. For example, ‘look what a mess, the other kids don't get dirty”, “there is nothing you can do, which you will be a lady” and so on. It affects your life now.

4. In communication is important only her mood, thoughts and feelings. Are you ready to adapt and shift their own personal boundaries. You will do everything that it was convenient to her, and not out of love but out of fear. However, you have problems with awareness of boundaries in any relationship, not only in these. You all are trying to please.

5. It – your chief motivator, in a negative sense. You grew up in the cries that will not achieve anything. And even if you have achieved a lot, it & ndash; the negative external motivation, not your desires.

6. You meet a man who looked like her. You subconsciously choose relationships that are habitual and familiar, even if they are toxic. Or you are trying to lose situation to finally be resolved.

7. Do you have the feeling of guilt. You always feel guilty of something, before mother, in front relatives, in front of strangers. In this case, personal boundaries are shifted again, and you become a victim.

If you find yourself in some of the characteristics that you tell us how you cope with the situation?

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