You can't show yourself, you need to be "unattractive".


Lisa is a very interesting, successful, beautiful, bright girl! It is engaged in hard work, she has a good education, she comes from a good wealthy family. Occupies a high position in society thanks to his own merits, but no… instead, every time Lisa puts on the suit “mouse”, is a small, quiet, almost invisible, silent and listens carefully to others, watching, to understand how to properly present themselves for a particular audience, how to show that to show them that they, God forbid, found out what it really is . And only the real special forces saw her as her true from, the Panther, which she hid from everyone.

  • as a child I hid their favorite toys from my mom, so she threw them in a fit of anger, I hid from her what I liked. Learned to show what is possible and necessary and to hide what is valuable and important. From 4 years of age I started to learn the skill of reincarnation, and the ability to adapt to people, to see them, to be quiet and correct, have learned not to show themselves!
  • And every time Lisa is taken for a new project that is beginning to gain strength and momentum… at the height of the stops and throws it. Installation that it is impossible to Shine, to show itself, triggered lightning.

  • Still, this setting is passed from generation to generation. from the great-grandfather – grandfather, grandfather – mother mother –her. This invisible dowry from time immemorial..
  • And everyone chose the path he pointed out senior. Each went the way of someone else, and his… in left side.. It was a successful people, but poor, they lived a stranger, not my life, not my choice.. And this tight pain about the failed quietly whined in each of them..

    We worked with Lisa through emotionally-shaped therapy. Worked with pokoleniami installations. The work was bright and serious difficult. 

    Now Lisa was studying to be a journalist. She's a star on your thread!) There's so much effort, energy, and talent! Now it is possible to show I was not scared! To her like a magnet attracted strong  confident, bright, successful people. Her reference group has changed a lot as she is)

    It's incredibly bright and powerful girl! The girl who goes his own way!

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