You make me sick! Disgust...


you make Me sick!, or what to do with disgust.
Continuing the series of #zametica about #emotionallntelligence today I would like to talk about one of the primary emotions - disgust.
 so disgusted  and what does it need?
 Wikipedia answers this question as: "Disgust plays an important role in the function of self-preservation of living organisms. It avoids the infection is not unfit for food and dangerous products and gives you the opportunity to save their own integrity, keeping inside what should be inside (in particular, blood), and outside what should be outside (in particular, the feces)."
so, the aversion is responsible for the regulation of the quantity and quality of what comes from outside that the person was in contact with him was in balance and harmony. It disgust helps a person to let into toxic products, including of a psychological nature. 
What makes a baby when he overeats his mother's milk, or if milk that contains toxins? All right! It spits up.
What man does which pulses of excitation greater than inhibition? Fenced off from these impulses. 
Aversion one of the earliest regulatory emotions, which helps to keep a sense of proportion. 
In the modern world of excess information, proposals, events,  communication is so great that it is hard in this thread not to lose time, strength, joy, but actually themselves. The flow of information from the noise is difficult to hear their thoughts, their desires, their needs. 
And then the repulsion becomes thus an important signal. Enough! Stop!
it Happens that suddenly to good, in principle, the man appears from nowhere disgust. So , in these respects, for you have toxicity. Worth a closer look.
the Disgust, the rejection at the level of instincts, as if screaming before disaster struck. 
That's why it's so important to have contact with their feelings, to be able to distinguish and hear their signals.
 disgust is often mixed with shame and aggression, anger. Anger increases activity in the deliverance and disgust - to dissociate itself from toxic interactions.
the Negative aspect of disgust may interfere with the human attitude of the people towards each other, causing a rejection of the person of a different nationality, old or untidy person. However , according to scientists from Princeton University, the excitation of brain regions responsible for fear, shame and disgust, reduces the activity of brain regions responsible for human good perception of other people. Because the beggar is not automatically perceived as a person, but as something dirty, unpleasant, repulsive.
Well, he passed by a beggar and be done with it, and what to do if disgust does not occur to another, and yourself?
If the child condemned older, sooner or later he begins to feel embarrassment, shame, and then self-loathing and consequently , peace.
generates a script - "I'm bad, you are bad and the world is bad". Is it worth to live then? That's where can be rooted self-injurious, destructive behavior, autoimmune diseases.
One of my patients drove from the consciousness of shame and guilt for the unborn child, began to feel disgust to myself, then to food, then she developed severe autoimmune pancreatitis. Six months of therapy helped to completely remove the diagnosis and restore faith in yourself.
not immediately and not always able to understand what is causing serious condition. Yes and the reasons are always many , set. But getting access to primary feelings, it is possible to change many things in my life. Fix the broken borders, to regain self-respect and dignity, to regain firm ground under the feet and wings of inspiration. 
To life, ought to know a lot.
Two main rules to remember the beginning:
You better starve than horrible there,
And better be alone than with just anyone. 
"Omar Khayyam".

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