You need to wait and everything will be... Or why is it so difficult to go to therapy.


/I can't take it anymore! No strength to work or to love, or to do what you love. The problem is so pushed to the wall, it's hard to breathe...

Try to go to a psychologist! br>
/No! Take some time and everything has settled down. You only need to wait...

And how much are you going to wait? Look, the problems themselves are not solved, and time only exacerbates them. br>
/ I'm afraid...

What if what scares you?

/ I'm Afraid that my problems will all.

a Psychologist is a specialist. He maintains confidentiality. All that you say is only between you and you can feel absolutely safe.

/ And then he will give me advice that isn't working for me?!

the Psychologist does not give advice. You have to work together. He feels you, listens carefully and guides, so that made the decision.

/ And whether the value of the gender or age of the specialist?

this question can not be answered clearly, someone likes and wants to have his therapist was a man, others feel more comfortable working with a woman. With age it is similar. These items are highly individual. Specialist characterizes the level of his qualifications and some experience.

/ And how I can help the psychologist if he might have their problems?

the Psychologist a normal person, who also can be a problem. And the qualified specialist must undergo personal therapy to work through their problems and not transfer them to customers. This important part of his work. br>
/ And suddenly I did not fit this specialist...

Yes, it can be. And for the first 3 meetings, both client and therapist decide if they can work with each other. This two-way process. The psychologist is also not taken for each case. A client may for various reasons not to approach a therapist.

/ how long will I have to visit a psychologist?

can Not say for sure that it will be 5-10...or 30 meetings. The restructuring of the psyche is a long process. Think about how in a few meetings to decide what had to live the years?! But not always to the client needs long-term therapy. It may be a few meetings already to understand something and make conclusions for themselves. And sometimes the visit is just an opportunity to vent, to cry. And client is enough. The therapist may say that he sees a need for further therapy but the decision is made by the client only. Moreover, if desired, he could return to therapy. br>
/ right to speak out and cry I can on the shoulder of a friend or friend, and if it is unbearable, then go to the nearest pub or cafe.

Friends and the other, of course, you will listen to, but to give you the qualified feedback your experiences as it will make the specialist, not be able. And yet, as you remember, the psychologist working confidentially! Oh, and as for numb the pain-not to solve it. All other problems will be added another - a alcohol dependence. br>

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