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the Magic tool – technician "I statement"

Recommended for all types of communications.

what is the secret?

Why some phrases or requests , cause aggression or negative  the interlocutor?

How to avoid destructive conversation?

At “I” there are 3 main accent, with the help of which you can build a dialogue.

"Formula" I-statements looks like this: Situation + I-(my)sense + desired behavior. 

so , a few sentences for example:

-“again You do not out the garbage!”

- “You always ignore my words”

Compare :

- “I ask you to take out the trash”

- “I don't like when my words are ignored”

- “let's make a deal, today you take out the trash, and tomorrow I ….”

- “I am sorry when my words mean nothing”

Instead of  charges   we make  feelings, request or plan.

You will be surprised, but such scheme of dialogue is able to do miracles.

This technique gives the ability to defend their interests.

You can not only learn to negotiate, but to better understand yourself and your desires.

You will be “sensitivity”, You will become a better feel of people.

You will get rid of unnecessary tension in the dialogue.

At the same time, you can learn not to violate the boundaries of others and respect their.

You will be in a comfortable space. You will communicate with desire. And expressing his opinion, You will not create a conflict situation.

Another Important point – decision of question of responsibility for the issues under discussion.

the value of the relationship will be much more.

Note:  When a conflict occurs, always ask yourself the question!

You want to negotiate with someone and find a solution to the issue?

Or go for the jugular? To hurt and to suppress the interlocutor?

Pour on him your anger and resentment?

do Not use dialogue generics and templates!

( You again, you always, you as usual).

Very important point do not judge him!

the technology  “deep” resources  .

What do You expect from a man when they Express their grievances? Understand?

 Then get konstruktivnyi dialogue.

Tell the person what you expect, what You feel or offer   joint solution. If You have a desire to negotiate, You have a trouble free instrument.

be Sure to use the technique “I –saying”!

This will allow You to avoid many problems in relationships!

Write in the comments about Your successes.

With love to You, psychologist Anastasia Burmistrova.

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