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on my page in FB there is a heading "the secret", where everyone can write your story, ask for advice or just to vent. I recently received this message: "Hello. Don't even know where to start. Terribly nervous, but can no longer remain silent. I love one person. He is younger than me by 9 years. Someone told him that I'm old, and now everything has changed. I see the way he looks at me with reproach. I began to feel ashamed of his body. We have a few months of no sex. Its all annoying. Before we went to visit, and now every man for himself. What do I do?"

Your opinion on the subject of what to do with such impressionable and easily suggestible young man, I will make a little later. And yet - share your story.

not that I ever hide the age of your men. Let's just say, I don't advertise it. However, apparently it's time to share my personal story.

My man 15 years younger. He's handsome, smart, self-sufficient and well educated. My man wealthy enough to not need a sponsor, and quite independent, so that the option of "mommy" too wide. And "mommy" out of me, frankly, not so hot. Prepares it. Removes the housekeeper. Use a typewriter. In General, you understand. Love it? I do not know. We get along well. I'm too smart to believe that "this is forever," and he's too young to question that.

so I made a few "relationship with a young man." I must say that we do not consider Gigolos, "calves" into the search mommy's Tits, "just sex." We're talking about a situation where you're both really "in a relationship".

  • Yes, it is very important that you are a "young" look. But it is important more for you than for your men. Healthy skin, manicured hands and a trim figure, will certainly give you confidence and add Polish to your eyes. However, living an emotional woman with "rays" around the eyes and wrinkles attracts young man much more than Botox shot up doll with nezakryvayushhihsya eyes. Keep the body of 16-year-old you will still fail, so in these respects it is clearly not attracted to the lack of cellulite on your bum and not elastic maiden breast.
  • If your men have eyes, and he entered into relations not with a gun, that means he really likes you. So no need to doubt destroying faith in yourself and your relationship. And do not belittle self-esteem, releasing the jokes about her age or asking stupid questions like "am I too old?"
  • Youth is very doubtful advantage, and, I must say, passing quickly. And do not to roll his eyes. I know whereof I speak. It is likely that the advantages possessed by you are of great value in the market relations. For example, your empathy, your experiences, your Outlook, your patience and your individuality. With age, we better understand what you want from yourself, from your partner and from a relationship. This knowledge and ability to Express it without equivocation and reverence give a special appeal to "older women".
  • If he gives love, he is in a rush. I don't know any man that is able to simulate an erection and orgasm. And if he likes to sleep with you, then he likes your smell, your skin, your touch and how you move. And it is unlikely he will meticulously review your wrinkles, stretch marks and extra pounds. So stop dramatizing and better reach my hand down his side of the bed. He's in there? So, everything is OK.
  • Who told you that chooses only a man? Adult confident woman radiates magnetism. She is self-accomplished person. Usually she already has everything what young girls tearing themselves W...(core - what do you think?). If you have children, they're grown. If you have a car (apartment, house), the loan for it have already paid. Adult women know a lot of people, wine and sex. Familiar bright taste of passion and the bitter taste of betrayal. You know what the beauty of such a woman? It needs nothing and she owed nothing to anybody. She is free to choose its own path. And if she chooses love, then no man able to resist her charm.
  • a Young man is like a breath of fresh air. Since his arrival in the life of a woman brushes closet, technique and nerve cells. It can be a breeze or a powerful hurricane. In any case, it carries the update, much-needed women at any age.
  • a Young man is a vivid, memorable adventure. And we must treat it accordingly. Even if he doesn't become the love of your life, it is an amazing experience. About how to spend a weekend in a luxury hotel in the centre of Paris instead of the whole week in a bedraggled hostel on the outskirts of Troy.
  • History is replete with successful loving couples where the man is significantly younger. A real relationship is not about age, but about trust, sincerity, love and mutual respect.
  • Your man could seriously fall in love. And Yes, it can be a Union for life. Just don't make it an end in itself. In any relationship you need to enjoy every moment and not rush things. And in our age especially J
  • Think about what anyone else says, no longer fashionable. It is impossible to treat all human feelings and emotions with the position of the narrow framework of public morality. The crowd there is no faith. She'll maul you with the same passion, which recently applauded your talent. So exhale and start to have fun.
  • And dear reader I can say the following: women do not age, but lack of love and confidence. If your man is so impressionable that any idle gossip accepts the truth, why are you such a man? If in a relationship you don't feel irresistible and the only reason you like that? There are plenty of decent men and, mind you, are constantly growing new. Good luck!

    Cailin Vic
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