"За что мне такие страдания?! А?!"

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Where they came from, these problems?! It was still good!

So, or nearly so, we inquire, when unexpectedly we have dumped the problem. But not alone.
And I think with it: "I'm an idiot. All very well, only I have such a thing!"
Or like this: "It's me God punished! So I should be!"
Or like this: "why is this happening to me?! Why, God?!"
what is the reason why we have an unpleasant event, or even happens to be a mountain?

Problems arise. And arise they did in the prosperous period of our lives. When we're good and we calm down. For what? After all, not just the same as we suffer!
have you Heard about the crisis of growing children? So, if not for the crisis "3 years" "7 years", "12-14 years", the child would never be able to grow up. His body would have grown, and the mentality remained at the level of 2-year-old child. Crisis as a process of change included in the program of human life. Who? Those Who created us. And created very wisely, you will agree!

Crises exist not only in children - a crisis of professional choice, the crisis is 30 years of age, midlife crisis, and so on. Crises, as the transition from old to new are found in all areas of life. Relations crisis, crisis 3 years in a marriage crisis to a stable business.
If not for the crisis to be ameboid creatures with a range of features: to eat, sleep and poop (sorry)).

Therefore, "this garbage" in the form of crises, troubles (and they are essentially the same crises) occurs for everyone, not just you. I believe my professional experience.
And hardly anyone sits up there in heaven and personally punishing you. Tell you a secret, like you in the universe billions)
Suffering is inevitable. And they are included in the program of development of all living things. There is no crisis - there is no development. All is logical.

But still, what's with the question "why, God?!" Good question, by the way, but not quite precisely formulated. "Why, God?!" Here in this formulation of the question, it is much easier to find the meaning of suffering. And there is a sense of... What?

Only suffering is able to direct our attention to our own lives. And without them, somehow a lack of time, work, repair, the project must pass.

during periods when we experience heartache, we become as close to themselves. Begin to see ourselves for who we are. To see their strengths and weaknesses. To understand their real desires. And even to find out "Who is my friend, who is my enemy".

during suffering, we become more tolerant of their own and other disadvantages, more loving and understanding. And when the pain subsides, can finally do things dreamed of.

There are probably other meanings.

Olga Fedoseeva

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