Зачем нужен психолог?

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the Manager of touch with reality.

Often faced with the situation that people misunderstand the value of work of the psychologist or even devalue it, favoring magical (in the literal sense of the word) ways of solving problems.

I sick in order to go to him?
- And what he will tell me? I know all about myself.
- I'd rather drink vodka.

everyone has friends and it is good, they can understand us, we can share grief, but to find the causes of the situation (often it is repeated, because it brings pleasure, even masochistic, otherwise she would not have to be repeated) is possible, if you understand how the unconscious works. The unconscious has a strong influence on human life and the task of the psychologist: to bring the problem of the unconscious on the conscious level.

"I am my own psychologist"
the fact that we used in solving the problems of relying on logic, but the psyche doesn't work like that. We try to rationalize, yet our mind is acting irrationally by: I love sweets, because I'm afraid of spiders and try to explain it rationally!

Status Inkognito
How often have we worried and was regretting what was said. A psychologist is a person who is responsible for the safety of Your secrets and everything that happens during the appointment remains between the two of you. You can be assured that You will not condemn, will not impose unsolicited advice, do not look with a sidelong glance, not slandered and will not spread rumors. You client, not patient* You specialist. You will listen and hear and time for appointment 100% only you, only about you and for You.

"If I go to a psychologist, so to me something is wrong?"
When you have a toothache, we go to the dentist when we have eye drops, we are going to the eye doctor, which helps us to pick up the lens. As a psychologist, it draws more people, which hurts the soul and on their own they do not. At some point, lost the colors of life and psychologists help them to return together with You, because the first step forward You have already done.
*This article was born because of the people that I was interested, asked about the reasons, and many scared just the time to be "patient"

Elena Mishina
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