«Жмурки» - игра для профилактики суицида. Методика


at dinner, the husband suddenly asked me:

"do you know that "hide and seek" is a game in the living and the dead?"

frankly, I never thought of that!

we All remember from childhood this scanty game

it Turned out that in the old days the game had its own philosophy: "it" portrayed "the stiff" or dead, who ran for the living to drag them into the realm of the dead!

a Husband read about it somewhere and offered to forward the information to me.

I refused, because I have matured from a technique game, which can be done in schools and in summer camps!

the Game for suicide prevention

  1. you must remove the romanticizing with the topic of suicide to explain that no it is not heroism. After all, "likes" online, the victim, the person will never see it.
  2. Tell children that death is nothingness, emptiness.
  3. you Can offer everyone shut up for a minute and close your eyes, turn off the lights and spend time in complete silence and darkness.
  4. Ask the kids about what they most love
  5. you Can record everything that they say on a flip chart
  6. Then take all written and cross, saying that it's dark, and ... nothing.
  7. On the game itself (for a known schema). The one who leads, to put on a black blindfold.
  8. Many will be awe-struck by the metaphor of what is happening
  9. At the end of game feedback, in the form of facilitation, announce:

"And now the bravest is he who is not afraid to admit their own fears!"


When was the most terrible thing?

- What, exactly, you're feared/fear the most?

- What other feelings except fear, have you experienced?

- all this is connected with the possibility of losing everything that you love?

- So which is better: life with its joys or death, with its complete emptiness?

Then you can sum up, saying that the children here are very lucky to be born, because:

  1. mom and Dad might have never met
  2. Parents could just abandon the birth of a baby
  3. Have children, seriously ill and they want to live fighting for life every day
  4. Offer to help such children, for example: "write letters, donate toys, go home"
  5. And again ask for feedback on which is better, Life or Death

P.S. I Think that this game with the explanation on a very serious subject to play with their children, grandchildren or nephews.

Natalia Filimonova
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